just a short note just a

track listing:

   1  mancini shuffle
   2  short note
   3  I could tell you I cried
   4  layman's day
   5  come on over
   6  always another
   7  out on those moments
   8  blue
   9  walking as my heart says run
10  look at me
11  love in demand
12  silence
13  augustine
14  close my eyes

instead of listing the band members for each line up, here's the links for each record that the songs come off, in chronological order -

mancini shuffle, short note, layman's day, look at me - from
'short note'
come on over, always another, out on those moments - from
'word of mouth'
walking as my heart says run - from 'euroka'
augustine - from
'one day at a time'
I could tell you I cried, blue, love in demand, silence - from
'by heart'

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