Operation Lori
It's a Miracle!!!

I actually have a new picture of Matt and I!

After about 10 months of not being able to work on my page, I'm finally able to.  So expect tons of new pictures, and changes!
This is Matt and I at the
USMC Birthday Ball in November 2000.
It only takes a minute to do, and it lets me know whose been here!  If you have a web page, I'll be sure to check it out.
Are you a MCAS Miramar Wife, fiancee or girlfriend?  If so, come join our e-mail loop for fun, conversation and a good dose of friendship.  We are a small group now, but with you, we can grow!  Click the button to join!
If you aren't a MCAS Miramar Wife, but want to have some good conversation with other military wives, please visit:  AFW Discussion Lists
This site lists 6 e-mail loops that I also run that focus on all branches of the military.
Our daughter Katie was born on June 2, 2001 at Balboa Naval Hospital in San Diego.  She has her own collection of pages, so please stop by!  They are updated often!

My Birth Story
Mommy & Daddy are having a baby!
Katie has other pages other than those listed.  She has experienced alot since she's been born.  She's been on a cross country trip to move.  She's been on an airplane to visit her daddy in Florida.  She's even been through a 5.1 earthquake when we still lived in CA!
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This is my best friend Stacy Shearer and I at the USMC Birthday Ball in November 2000.  She's now out of the Corps, but her hubby still works with mine.
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