Teaching English in Korea
If you are considering teaching in South Korea, you should look for the following in a contract:

1. Round-trip airfare.

2. Accomodation - either shared or single. Utilities not included.

3. At least 1.7 million won if you are a citizen of a native English speaking country.

3. 50/50 medical coverage.

4. Work (E2) visa arranged by the company - before or after arrival.

5. All national holidays given, plus 12 sick/vacation days (at least).

6. All teaching materials provided.

7. Average teaching hours are 6 hrs/day, M-F.  Avoid contracts that ask for more than 30 hours per week.  Also avoid those that ask you to work weekends - we are here to have fun as well as teach!!

Feel free to contact me at if you are interested in working in Gwangju.
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Contact Information:
Name: Maureen Murphy
Email: MaureenLMurphy@alumni.uwo.ca