You can order reproduction or  a Giclee* fine art print on canvas or art poster of any artwork that  presented on this website, just send an E-Mail with your request...

A Giclee**  fine art print  is  machine-made print created by using very complicated ink-jet technology.  In this printing method, the media (in our case the artists canvas) is carried by a spinning roller while infinitely small pixels of rich, vibrant archival inks are sprayed on it at a very high speed. This renders an amazingly smooth and consistent image true to the original painting, a superb quality fine art reproduction.

The Giclee is quickly becoming the new standard in the art industry, and is widely embraced for its astonishing quality by major museums, galleries, publishers and artists. A Giclee Print is quite simply the closest replication of an original artwork or digital artwork that is currently possible.
The Giclee print is very durable. The latest inks offer up to 70 years light-fastness and UV-resistance under museum archival conditions. For even better performance, it will be coat with a layer of anti-fading UV protective clear satin glaze.

        **French word GICLEE pronounced Zhee-Clay, means ôspray".

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You can also order reproduction or prints of the artworks shown below that is not have been shown on this WEB.