Valeriy Mavlo is a professional artist. He was born in Kiev (Ukraine) in 1962. He started a career at an early age. At ten, Valeriy  Mavlo entered  the  National Art School in Kiev and later he  entered and graduated from the  Academy of Art  in Kiev (Ukraine) where he created a lot of art works that have been  exhibited on  the  art  shows in  Ukraine  and others countries. He participated in the National Exhibition of the Best Projects for Graduates of Art Institutes in USSR. Valeriy had a personal exhibition of his paintings, graphic art, and sculpture displayed in the most prestigious gallery, Museum of Russian Art in Kiev (Ukraine).  
        Valeriy Mavlo won the contest “Illustrators of the Future” ( LA, USA ) and his art works have been used for illustration of the several stories in 10th Anniversary Edition “Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of The Future”. From 1996 and at the present time he lives and creates new art works in Boston, MA. 
           ART HISTORY
Participated in International Florence Biennale , Florence, Italy          2005
Participated in a lot of Exhibitions in the Ukraine and Europe  1994-1996
Won the contest “Illustrators of the Future”, USA                                    1994
Published Illustrations in USA,
Bridge Publications, Inc., LA,USA                                                            1994     Presented Personal Art Show,
Museum of Russian Art in Kiev, Ukraine                                                1993      Participated in the international art shows, Germany, France  1990 -1992
Participated in the National Exhibition of Best  Projects
for Graduates of Art Institutes in USSR, Leningrad, Russia                1990   
Seen below, is a collection
of early works, all done before
the age of 16.
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    "Breakfast",  oil , 50x50 cm.
"Porter", oil , 81x50 cm.
  Untateled , oil , 81x50 cm.
      "Self-portrait", oil , 71x52 cm.
"Portrait", oil , 70 x50 cm.
"Morning of a working day ", oil , 70x50 cm.
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