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     "Worship-5", oil on canv. 200x100 cm.                             "Worship-6", oil on canv. 200x130cm.                             "Worship-9", oil on canv. 200x100 cm.
                                                                     ALTAR PAINTINGS
                                                 The numerous paintings presented here are a part of a big Altar "iconostas"
                                      /6m x 6m, 12 paintings/.  These are based on the cross of tradition, ancient Russian Altar      
                                                                             painting and contemporary art.             
"Worship-2",oil on canv.,200x150 cm.                                                                       "Worship-1",oil on canv.,200x150 cm.
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     "Metamorphosis-1",oil on canv.                                  "Metamorphosis-2",oil on canv.                      "Metamorphosis-3",oil on canv.                                "Metamorphosis-4",oil on canv. 
150x100 cm.                                                                   150x100 cm.                                                         150x100 cm.                                                             150x100 cm.
CORONATION   oil on canv.  150 x 100 cm.