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Winbakup system restore for win 98
Winbakup (for windows 98)       November 22,2003 Download

Fixed bug that slipped by me in january,should actually make the backup now.

 Ez menu, multiple choice.
 Multiple backups you name.
 Update,Create,Relpace backups
 Delete backups
 Run Scandisk & Scanreg from menu

This little program is deigned to backup the Windows system files by running WINBAKUP. And give you a means to restore them even when Windows won't start, by booting up into DOS and running WINBAKUP from the hard drive.

I use it on Windows 98se for my system restore, (along with scanreg , a Windows "Registry Checker" program to check, fix, backup and restore the registry). **Added scanreg and scandisk, to the new menu**.  I don't reinstall Windows every time a file gets corrupt or goes missing. It's free,works,and does Long Files Names in DOS real-mode.

What it is.
It is a few small DOS programs and batch files. Including a program that gives access to Long Files Names in DOS real-mode. When run it gives you easy to use yes "Y" or no "N" choices. If you can find you way to the drive (usually C:\) that Windows is on in DOS, you should be able to run it.

What it does.
It copies selected files and folders from Windows folder and the Windows drive and stores them in them in the Winbakup folder (in sub folders) as compressed zip files with the program.Restoring them just extracts them back to the original location.The back up .zip files may take 100 to 200 MB of disk space depending on what you have on your system. **New multiple backups, you name them**

What it is not.
It is not a full disk backup nor disk image, nor was it meant to be. Was not designed for NT systems.

       January 05,2003
Major over haul...
combined backup and restore
ez main menu
added new features
more input
more choices
multiple backups you name
fixed some bugs

    December 29,2002
switched from pkunzip to Infozip unzip32
switched from lfndos to doslfn
better support of long filename, less warnings
known warning for UTC,universal time coordinated
is not used
changed the setup procedure

Free Download 241 KB November 22,2003