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Max Your Nova!
Crap, Huh??
Congratulations! You are sad Git number:
This site has been created by drivers of the Rover 800 series, and the Opel Manta, to try and educate all you sad boy racers about proper cars! How many times have you lot been shown a clean pair of mudflaps by an 827 Vitesse or a Manta Exclusive huh?? You lot will never learn will you?? Read on, and we will give you some damned good reasons for getting rid of your poxy little shitboxes, and buying a real car...... (that is assuming the power of the 1.2 engine does not get the better of you, and you end up putting it into a tree........)
Now, What's so attractive about this then?? And I'll bet the owner is called Darren, or Karl, or even Jason.........
How to spot a Boy Racer
Real to see some proper motors!
The stupid Things Boy Racers Do..........