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Issue 4 of Maydeleh is out now,
Winter 5762/2002

Maydeleh: a zine for nice Jewish grrrls: a literary, political, angry (or at least irritable), unbearably hip Jewish grrrlzine.

On a xerox-and-staple budget, we provide great politics, cultural activism and great literature to the Jewish feminist world at large. We're a print zine (heirs of Gittel Gutenberg), but you can find some of our articles at this web site, along with contact and submissions information, and some other things we thought you ought to see.

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July 10, 2002
Okay, team, you are not forgotten! Issue 5 will be coming out within the next month to six weeks. Yeah, I said...I know. Sorry. We're doing some reorganizing over here. I don't know if we're really going to print and glossy  as promised, but that will happen within the next issue or two. We're also going to make a major change, and will be coming out twice rather than four times annually. (For those of you with subscriptions, you still get four issues, just over a rather longer period of time. Hopefully this will allow us to produce bigger, better, more coordinated issues. It's going to be cool...

Love you all,