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16th-Aug-2004 Updated Lpg Page

14th-Febuary-2001 Rx2 Owners manual now working.

6th-Febuary-2001 updated Rx5 section with a few new Pictures at the end, updated Electrical section with a different Rx2 wiring diagram, out of the factory manual.


24th-November-2000 updated Electrical section with 6 new Circuit Diagrams!

25-October-2000 Even MORE new pics in the Rx5 section

16-October-2000 New Electrical Information Section added... New Vehicle weights page too...

25-September-2000 New Rotary Engine Information page added...

check it out on the links below.... and how about the new background sounds for your listening pleasure :)


30-6-2000 Hey! Well a long time between Updates, a lot has happened, all my Rx2's are sold,

The 13B powered Rx2 is WRITTEN OFF! already by the new owner, and has been transplanted into a Yellow Capella 1600 series 1.

Apparently going sideways into a Tree tends to do these things :)

But on the Plus side he was very happy with the Power of my Rebuilt Mild Port 13B :)


The 12A Rx2 with the rear spoiler has also gone to a new home. Apparently to be used as a Club Race Car, so if I see it on the Circuit Ill have to take some pic's.










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Mazda Rotary Engine Information.


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