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Clan MBM
Leader - The+_+Nemesis
Channel - Op MBM

**** Site News - January 3, 2004****

Nemesis: The 1.10 patch came out and ruined Diablo II as far as I and many others are concerned, you will not see me on the game anymore sadly, all blizzard had to do to make me and others happy was delete hacked items. They did to much else, they ruined dueling and brung in items that were worse than the ith's and other hacked items that were around on 1.09.The site will stay as it is now with no expected updates, sorry.

**** Site News - July 9, 2003****

Nemesis: New game a few clan members have tryed out and I have been putting time into, its just a text based game but something nice to do while talking on aim. Anaroch

**** Site News - July 9, 2003****

Nemesis: Blizzard has made another gay decision and gotten rid of clan channels, now our channel is going to be    Op MBM.

**** Site News - May 6, 2003****

Nemesis: Making fine adjustments such as link problems, fixed the screenshot page 2 section, adding new links, wont be content on these links until later.

**** Site News - February 19, 2003****

Nemesis: All of the links should work fine, added a few things, have to work on screenshots page 2, plan on working on downloads, and Hardcore section's next, problem that will be fixed soon is the border around the links is missing, or partially there.

**** Site News - December 2, 2003****

Nemesis: Sorry about the lack of updates, our usual webmaster seems to have been to busy lately to work on the site. Therefore I made some major updates and will continue doing so for a while. If you notice any problems with the site that should be fixed or ideas for additions to the site leave a message on our message board (MBM Chat), or email me at Ryan21074@aol.com

**** Site News - June 8, 2003****

Nemesis: Members section has been cleared, now recruiting again! Meet with me or a recruiter, commander. Or go to Register new members now and fill out the box with the proper information.








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