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The Mount Carmel Area Rescue Squad organization was established in 1976 at the West End Fire Company (Hence the call numbers 4 1). The first unit placed into service was a 1967 Ford F - 350 Utility Truck which was purchased from Bell of Pennsylvania. It was renovated by the members to fit the needs of the organization. That unit was in service until 1989. When we purchased a 1974 International Utility Truck from the Mt. Oliver Fire Department outside of Pittsburgh. That unit was also renovated by the members, and was in service until 1994.

Then in 1994 the organization placed into service a 1994 KME Heavy Rescue (The Station Number Was Also Changed to Station 5, and they called the new unit Rescue 5). The organization also purchased a 1976 Chevrolet Suburban from a private owner in 1987 to place into service as a QRS (Quick Responce Service) and off road rescue unit (Which Was Called Squad 5). That unit was in service until 1997 when it was replaced with a 1989 Chevrolet Suburban purchased from Sunbury hospital Also Known As "Medic49". That unit was later replaced by the current unit, a 1993 Ford Explorer purchased from Western Saulsbury Township Fire Department. That unit was used as the companies Chiefs Vehicle.

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March 28 - We are now accepting 2004 Fund Drive Returns, We Appreciate Your Help!

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