Welcome to my homepage

I'm a 18 high school student in a Web-Design Class and my homepage regroups all my assignments and my projects that I have done in this class. This page shows also different links for some web-site that I like. I hope that you gonna enjoy my creations and remember that i'm only a beginner and I learn how create a Web-site in only 3 months in a class. Before that I didn't know ANYTHING!

My Class Work

number 4

This assignement was done to learn how create some jump links on a Web-Page. We also incorporated a few images and create a background in Photoshop. Our Teacher gave us a text already wrote down and we had to put all the tags.

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this Assignement

Table 3

We learned how create a table and this Table is about all the members of the US Cabinet. We inserted images in the tables and try to create a cool design...

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number 3

This Table was the first that we did with images. Our Teacher thought us all the tags which were important for tables that we use a lot on the Web!

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this Practice Assignement

My Projects

Products Page

This is my last project. I created a fake online shopping web-site, the purpose was to learn once again the tables and includes images in. You can visit it but unfortunately, you cannot buy anything...

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Holydays Project

A brand new project, that I made to learn the image map. As you see, it's exactly in the mood of Chritmas so enjoy...

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My WEB-Site

This is my own web-site, I created this because I wanted to share my experience with everybody. It is not finish but iam working on...


Frame project

This is a project that I did to learn how make some frames in a Web-site. This Web-site is about my country: Belgium. It's a little guide if you want to travel in this country. You could also see a little animation that I made to make people go in my country. I hope that you will enjoy it.

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Web site

Picures Website

I made this page to allow my family to see what's going on in America. I will try to update the site and add more pictures as soon as possible. In the mean time, I hope that you will enjoy the recent pictures that I put. Check out how beautiful we are !

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The Best of Internet

DC Shoes

I really like this Web-page because I love this Brand but also because it's a very good Web-site and you could download a lot of cool videos. You could also receive a lot of inforamtions about all the DC-team which is the best in the world (for me). Josh Kalis, Stevie Williams, Rob Dyrdek... all the best !

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411 Volume Magazine

If you have a good Internet connection, you could watch all the best skatevideos in the world. All the videos are classified by archives and you could also buy online the one that you like. The informations are very complete and the summarize of the new releases are very interesting

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That's me who skating in
a school of Santa Rosa