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My son - a cheerleader?

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Hi I'm Cheermom.

So how did a non-conformist, sorta anit-establishment person end up a cheermom? I haven't a clue. As a teenager, I fought against the pom-pom, ponytail, prom, pumps and pearls image and then at middle-age, I found myself in the middle of it. What we do for kids.

My son decided to fight the norm here and became the first male cheerleader in this town. Next thing I know, I'm going to football games, wearing school colors and trying not to embarress him. He wanted to continue on as a cheerleader at Ole Miss but we ran into a little problem at try-outs his freshman year. The first day there he dislocated a finger and we spent hours at the emergency room getting torn ligaments and scrunched up cartiledge splinted up.

He ended up with a music scholarship instead of being a cheerleader. His senior year his switched majors again, dropped the music and thus propeled graduation into the future. He did graduate and he is still in school. His junior year he went on his first "dig" and he is wanting to be an archaeologist. He is hoping to get on a dig in Belize this summer (2008).

Oh Well!

Mike had been working with junior cheerleaders, getting them ready to compete. He took his first team to Gatlinburg in March 2001. His team-girls 8-12, got second place. I am really proud of them as none of them had ever cheered or knew what stunting was when they put the team to gether. In just a matter of months, they got ready and competed against girls that had been doing this for a couple of years.
Mike is now 26 and his cheerleading days are sort of at an end. He still taught a cheerleading clinic last summer, but he is getting too old. All those years of tumbling and through girls around took it's toll on his knees, shoulders. The impact of doing flips, layouts etc on hard floors finally got to him.
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