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Yes, I am obsessed...

Okay, this site has finally just turned into what it was probably destined to be all along: a Harry Potter fansite for moi. Links links links galore! Oh, and my own artwork as well. ^_^ Do browse through my pics and visit the places that kill all my free time.

May 26, 2006 UPDATES! Okay, okay, I'm sorry for the serious lack of updates. So I'm making up for it and dropping a TON of paintings (yeah, colored stuff!) and a few sketch pieces. :D Be happy with me! Also, I'm planning on changing the layout of this thing soon...eventually...maybe. Of course, by soon I usually mean I'll forget for a few months, then pull up the site and go "Oh yeah...it's all ugly" and then ignore it for a bit longer. x)

MY drawings of the Potterness

Movies Cast with Potterverse Characters!

Fanart Sites

Ayne's Harry Potter Gallery. Great anime-ish style, beautiful colors.
accioBRAIN. Great sketch work. The best are the gag pics of the Death Eaters!
Nasubionna's Harry Potter Tribute. A slightly more sinister style, very beautiful.

Book Information, Movie News, and More

MuggleNet. This is the ultimate site for news and information on upcoming Harry Potter-ness.
The Harry Potter Lexicon. A fantastic collection of information from the Wizarding World.
J.K. Rowling's Official Site. The author has graciously created this site for her fans, complete with FAQs, news, and funny stories.
Alivan's Wands. Fine wands and other items, just like in the movies/books!

Toons and Webcomics

Potter Puppet Pals. Cartoons of puppets from the Potterverse. "Bother bother bother bother!".
PotterPotterPotter.... Have you ever seen "Badger Badger?" Well...this is a Harry Potter version. Hysterical.
Tickling the Sleeping Dragon. A webcomic that makes fun of the fandom, as well as a bit of fanart.
Pirate Monkeys Inc.. Wow, webcomics that lay the smackdown on fanfiction Mary Sues. FINALLY!!!

Fanfiction for all!!!

Fanfiction.Net. Not the greatest, not the worst, sometimes a gem or two.
RestrictedSection.org. This is a strictly NC-17 archive, so if you're too young don't go. If you're old enough there are some extremely entertaining stories here.
Sycophant Hex. These are some of the highest quality fics you can find (because their screening process makes it uber hard to get anything posted--they're sticklers for canon! ^_^). Many are NC-17, and there are different sections for different characters. They also have a great art gallery!
The Sugar Quill. I haven't been here much yet, but it's been highly recommended to me. Fanfiction, fanart, links, etc.
Fiction Alley. Fanfiction, fanart, links, etc. Very organized, bursting with stuff.
The Potions Master's Muse.This is a Yahoo group dedicated to Severus Snape. Here is where you can find the ULTIMATE Snape fic, Tea With The Black Dragon. Join and read!
When I Kissed The Teacher (WIKTT). Another Yahoo group, but this one focuses on the Snape/Hermione pairing. <_< >_> *hides behind shield* What? They're both intelligent! It's a good match. Read some fics to see what I mean.

i'm in slytherin!
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Disclaimer: I own nothing having to do with Harry Potter, of course. Otherwise this would not be a site on a free account at geocities because I'd be RICH like whoa. :P I just like to play in Ms. Rowling's world, that's all.

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