NEED A WORKOUT? If the gym's too far, the pool's too crowded and jogging's too boring, help is here! I'll give you a great workout in your very own home or office. Get your friends together for a fun-filled class, or achieve your favourite celebrity bod with one-on-one personal training! EMAIL ME AT!
2. Cardio Kickboxing is a fast, fun and dynamic way to get yourself in shape! Incorporates kicks, punches and other martial arts moves to get your heart pumping and your calories burning, to a variety of fast-paced tunes. $45 per 6 sessions (45-60min per session)
1. Spencer Pilates is a mat-based pilates program that works your abs, butt, thighs and hips. Adaptable to many levels of fitness, you'll tone and strengthen major muscle groups to uplifting music ranging from pop to new age. $45 per 6 sessions (45-60min per session.)
3. Combi-Classes allow you to combine 30min of Cardio Kickboxing with 30min of basic mat Pilates to give a you a full body-conditioning workout! You can also replace the Pilates with a 30min free-weight-based session if you prefer, or a Pilates session purely targeting your abs, butt and thighs! You will need both good shoes and a mat.
All group classes commence with a warm-up and end with stretches. Please be sure to attend the full session in order to minimise injury and maximise results!
One-on-one personalised coaching to allow you to achieve your specific fitness goals! You'll have your own exercise program tailored to your individual needs and preferences, plus diet advice and full guidance every step of the way. Available as one-on-one mat & ball Pilates sessions, or resistance-based conditioning (weights and resistance bands).  $40 per session (1-2hrs per session)
I'm a Certified Personal Trainer & Certified Spencer Pilates Instructor with the National Endurance Sports Trainers' Association (NESTA) based in the US, as well as a Certified Cardio Kickbox instructor with Empower Training Systems. I am currently attached to Slender Shapes Ladies' Health Clubs as a Lifestyle Consultant. I've been a freelance instructor since 2003 and also contribute regular articles to Health Today magazine.
I specialise in
strength training for women, especially if you want to tone your abs, hips, butt and thighs!
I BELIEVE FITNESS IS FOR EVERYONE. You should not have to pay a lot of money, travel a long way, or feel uncomfortable when working out. To keep my fees competitive, I use minimal equipment (your own body is capable of giving you a great workout!) and do not rent studios you have to travel to and pay rent for. You do not pay till after the first class to be sure you are comfortable with it, and will enjoy yourself! And I'm always ready to adapt the choreography to suit your needs!
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