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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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James Dannock came c1858 with Maria Tricky
James Dannock wed 1874 to Sarah Elizabeth Parkhouse/Parkhurst
James Oliver Dannock wed 1884 to Mary Hargreaves
Jesse Dannock wed 1885 to Ann Ainger
Andrew Atkinson Danson wed 1866 to Ellen or Helen Penman
David Penman Danson wed 1900 to Helena Eliza Arndt
James Andrew Danson wed c1898 to Mary Ellen Anderson
Sarah Ann Danson wed 1899 to Albert Julius Arndt
William Danson wed 1859 to Catherine Martin
William Danson wed 1867 to Margaret Hall Smeaton
Jane Danvers wed 1864 to Frederic(k) Earles
Jane Jane Earles nee Danvers wed 1875 to Edward Butler
Georgianna Anne Darby wed 1875 to George Emery Poyser
Henrietta Darby wed 1868 to James Bell
Lucy Ann Darby came c1859 with David Glass
Catherine Darcy DaveyDarcey wed 1865 to James Stapleton
George Walrond Dare wed 1857 to Sarah Ann Piggott
Walron Dare wed 1856 to Fanny Elizabeth Pigott
Eliza M Dargan wed 1851 in NSW to Charles Ingham Marsden
Cecil Spencer Darling wed 1908 to Elsie May Dadswell
Elizabeth Darling wed 1867 to John Mitchell
Margaret Darling wed 1855 to Hugh McKissock
Margaret Darling wed 1872 to Edwin Cronk
Richard Stuart Darling wed 1874 to Sophia Cooke / Cook
Elizabeth Darlington wed 1887 to Samuel James Ennor
Agnes Mary Constance Darlot wed 1878 to James Dickson
Gabrielle Elizth Darlot wed 1897 to Leitch Hemphill
Henry Arthur Darlot wed 1896 to Emily Simpson
James Monckton Darlot wed 1853 to Christian Mehetabel Elizth Firebrace
Margt Ledwich Darlot wed 1884 to Harry Parland Stephen
Phillip Firebrace Darlot wed 1901 to Cath Susanna Newton
Alexander Darroch wed 1871 to Mary McLennon
James Darroch wed 1877 to Olivia Kezia Deslandes
Janet Darroch wed 1873 to Angus Cameron
Alexander Darrock came 1853 on Typhoon with Mary Law
Agnes Dart wed 1885 to Caleb Nicholas Lewis
Ann Johanna Dart wed 1863 to Robert Bryant
Christina Florence Dart wed 1897 to Samuel Addinsall
Julia Dart wed 1865 to Philip Matthew Coad
Mary Dart wed 1880 to William George Crago
Thomas Dart came c1858 with Ellen Margt Leary
Ann Date came 1850 with John Gill Silke
Elizabeth Ann Jane Date wed 1872 to Richard Coad
James Hicks Date wed 1877 to Emily Wise
John Samuel Date wed 1877 to Grace Martin
Maria Date wed 1885 to James Baxter
Matthew Date wed 1890 to Lucy Maud Harrison
Richard Date wed 1882 to Isabella More
Samuel Date wed 1852 at Longford to Maria Hicks
Wm Hy Date wed 1877 to Agnes Fitzgerald
Celia Davaney came c1876 with Robert Roche
Ada Jane Davenport wed 1894 to Wm Fred Kegele
Alice Ellen Davenport wed 1899 to Alf Gathercole
James Davenport wed 1869 to Mary Jane Humphrey
William Davenport wed 1917 to Eliza Rosemary May Akers
Benjamin Thomas Davey wed c1900 to Lillian Proud
Charles Davey came c1852 with Mary Tredgido Bond
Eliza Hocking Davey wed 1874 to Thomas Simmons
Elizabeth Jane Davey wed 1873 to John Brown Ramsay
Jane Oates Davey wed c1868 to Andrew Hocking
Joseph Davey came 1857 with Mary Ann Jane Coombe
Margaret Jane Davey wed 1886 to Edmund Oppy
Marion Arminell Davey wed 1867 to William Burchall/Burchell
Mary Elizabeth Davey wed 1879 to Adam Brown
Rachel Davey wed 1870 to George Nalder
Thomas Davey wed 1863 to Mary Roberts Hall
Thomas Davey wed 1871 to Louisa Thomas
William James Davey wed c1894 to Jane Yates
William John Davey wed 1886 to Harriet Endern Curnow
Catherine David wed 1882 to John James Brimacombe
Caroline Davidson wed 1878 to John Perry
James Davidson wed 1856 to Sarah Stuart
Jane Davidson wed 1882 to Charles Dalrymple
John Davidson came 1855 on the Athletae< with Jane Hunter
John Davidson wed 1890 to Margaret Parker Liddle
Margaret Jane Davidson wed 1888 to Nicholas Treweek
Margaret Jessie Davidson wed 1887 to William Clements
MaryDavidson came c1853 with WilliamFyfe
Mary Ann Littlewood nee Davidson wed 1868 to George Whalebone
Sarah Wallace Davidson wed 1861 to James Hugh Reid
Thomas Davidson came 1855 on the Athletae with Margaret Mcclement
Thomas Harden Davidson wed 1876 to Mary Jane Allen
William Davidson came 1855 on the Athletae with Elizabeth Glendon/Glindon
William Davidson wed 1860 to Margaret Ferguson
William Silas Davidson wed c1900 to Rachel Maud Quine
Agnes Elizabeth Davies wed 1883 to William Thomas Quested
Alfred Chapman Davies wed 1885 to Josephine Frances Chapman
Annie Jane Davies wed 1885 to George Downer
Clara Davies wed 1888 to William Battiscombe
Cornelius Davies wed 1870 to Mary Ann Lodge
David Davies wed 1898 to Frances May Fisk
Eleanor Ann Davies wed 1883 to Thomas Titus
Eliz Jane Davies wed 1910 to James Jardine Folster
Eliza Jane Davies wed 1887 to Thomas Alexander Cowl
Elizabeth Davis/Davies wed c1860 to Evan Marshall
Henry Davies wed 1863 to Charlotte Maria Godier
Henry Salter/Walter Davies wed 1880 to Emily Emma Miller
James William Davies wed 1878 to Mary Nichols
John Davies wed 1859 to Agnes Gordon
Lucy Davies wed c1888 to Harry Phillmore Goodland
Margrt Davies wed 1888 to John Puflett
Mary Davies came c1854 with Reynold Lukey
Mary Davies came c1858 with Thomas James
Matthew Henry Davies wed 1875 to Elizabeth Locke Mercer
Simon Lovat Fraser Davies wed 1900 to Mildred Jane Rayson
Slingsby Davies wed 1874 to Hannah Woodhouse Fraser
Thomas Davies wed 1873 to Hulda Roy
William Davies came c1857 with Mary Ann Chapman

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