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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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George F Laudehr wed 1885 to Mary Styles
Eliza Bell Laughlin wed 1887 to William Yeo
James Laughlin wed 1859 to Hannah Dunn
James Laughlin wed 1887 to Mary Ann Blackburn
James Parish Laughton wed 1851 to Matilda Sarah Standeven
Mary Frances Laughton came c1857 with James Davis
Alice May Laurence wed 1896 to Fred Denton Swinburne
Evelyn Mary Laurence wed 1895 to Richard William Izard
Samuel Charles Laurence wed 1899 to Selina Fleming
Samuel John Laurence wed 1865 to Emily Ann Newman
June Esther Laurie wed 1894 to Ebenezer Allen
Peter Laurie came 1853 with Jean Weymes
Peter Laurie wed 1854 to Ellen Sturrock
Annie Lavender wed 1916 to George William Shadrack Akers
John Lavender came c1884 with Mary Eliza Walker
Thomas Laver wed 1864 to Eliza Hooton
Mary Law came 1853 on Typhoon with Alexander Darrock
Ann Lawler wed 1852 to Thomas Higgins
Catherine Lawler wed 1880 to Robert Francis Grant
Herbert Arthur Lawn wed 1899 to Louisa Jane Sulman
William Lawn wed 1854 to Emma Gray
Charlotte Lawrance wed c1863 to Archibald Liddle
Helen came free Lawrence came on the Phoenix to wed 1833 in Tasmania to convict Thomas Wiggins
Henry Lawrence wed 1883 to Givena Hislop nee Goodall
James Lawrence wed 1870 to Grace Ann Tout
Herbt Wm Harold Lawry wed 1907 to Olive Nellie Isabel Jiggins
Richard Lawry wed 1855 to Mary Baker
Thomas Richard Lawry wed 1887 to Annie Louisa Hewlett
William Lawry wed 1880 to Amy Matilda Daniel
Lydia Laws came 1868 on the Lucibelle with Abraham Cuttler/Cutler
Albert Barnett Lawson came c1880 with Wilhelmina Ward
Albert Bernet Leslie Lawson wed 1905 to Mary Emma Frances Beeson
Andrew Lawson came c1874 with Mary Ann Wilson
Eliza Jane Lawson wed 1886 to Frederick John Arnel
Eliza Jane Arnel nee Lawson wed 1900 to John Pearson Richardson
Ellen Lawson wed 1892 to Charles Ward Farrar
Fanny Lawson wed 1855 to John Gillespie
Isabella Lawson wed 1858 to Andrew Addison
James Jonas Frost Lawson wed 1891 to WilhelminaSomerville
Jane Lawson jcame c1855 on the Emma to join James Ferguson
John Lawson wed 1857 to Elizabeth McKeand
John Booth Lawson wed 1859 to Emma Batt
John Scott Lawson wed 1899 to Edith Hellen Burgin
Robert Herd Lawson wed 1884 to Rebecca Mitchell
Robert Herd Lawson wed 1898 to Margaret Jane Pressey
Robert Peter Lawson wed 1904 to Ethel Emma Waters
Robt Herd Lawson wed 1898 to Margaret Jane Pressey
Thomas Lawsen/Lawson wed 1870 to Sarah Trigg
Harriet Lawton came c1854 with Philip Brideoake
Ambrose Laycock wed 1871 to Jane Tainsh
George Edward Layton wed 1855 to Mary Grazebrook
Robert Litchfield Layton wed 1886 to Amelia Catherine Bird
Anna Lea came 1865 to Victoria with John Harris
Frederick Leifchil Leach came c1856 with Arrabella Atkinson
Isabella Leach wed 1879 to James Manley
Jane Leach came c1857 with William George Sloper
Jonathon Leach came c1855 with Jane Forbes Hunter
Sarah Jane Leach wed 1882 to Jabez Button
Thomas Paris Leach wed 1891 to Mary Bell
William Leach wed 1886 to Sarah Jane Bell
Anna Maria Leahy wed 1852 to James Doneal
Patrick Leahy wed 1879 to Rosina Walford
Victoria Leah/Leake wed 1867 to John Tilley
Victoria Tilley nee Leake wed 1879 to John Farquharson
Jemima Lane/Lean came 1856 on the Ocean Monarch with William Pengelly
Mary Lean came 1848 on the William Money with Henry Ralph
Ellen Leary wed 1859 to Henry Senling/ Seuling
Ellen Margt Leary came c1858 with Thomas Dart
Susan Leats wed c1825 in Hobart Tasmania to James Plumber
Francis Alexr Lebas wed 1906 to Rhoda Victoria Fowles
Yves/Evans LeBas wed 1875 to Janet Nash
CharlotteLeBrocq came c1851 joined in 1852 by Edward Nelson Collas
Maria Jane Lebusque wed 1881 to George Christie Bissland
Thomas Lebusque wed 1857 to AnneMckinley
Thomas John LeBusque wed 1883 to Margaret Jane Carter
Mary Lecher came c1858 with Edward Eudey
Robert Lechmere wed 1875 to Louisa Alexina Smith
Robert Scudamore Lechmere wed 1864 to Annie Jennet Cro Greenwood
Geo Wm Henry Albert Lechte wed 1887 to Mary Elizabeth James
George Lechte wed 1859 to Catherine Bolch
Henry George Lechte wed 1887 to Maggie Jane Dwyer
William Ludwig Lechte wed 1886 to Mary Mckerral
Mary Ledbrook came 1852 on the Hyderabad with John Freemantle
Alice Catherine Ledgerwood wed 1884 to Joseph Westhead
Agnes Ann Lee wed 1885 to Henry Beardmore
Annie Lee wed 1892 to Angus Alexander Ross
Charles Lee wed 1879 to Mary Cecilia Webb
Edward Lee wed 1871 to Cecilia Barling
Elizabeth Lee came 1852 on the Theodore with Charles Grimmer
Elizabeth Lee wed 1881 to William Myors
Flora Elizabeth Lee wed 1884 to Alfred McGuire
James Lee wed 1854 to Sarah Strong
James Coppell Lee wed 1856 to Flora Margaret Allnutt
Jane Lee wed 1885 to John Pentland
John Lee wed 1866 to Elizabeth Standfield
Lionel Wilton Lee wed 1884 to Elizabeth Shaw Teasdale
Louisa Janie Lee wed 1884 to David Inglis
Maria Lee wed 1872 to Joseph Reed Shuttleworth
Martha Lee wed 1890 to Samuel Trigg
Phebe Ann Lee wed 1870 to Edward George Dickins
Samuel Bolton Lee wed 1855 to Cordelia Leigh
Sarah Lee came c1854 with Peter Watson
Sarah Eve Lee wed 1902 to Godfry Thomas Walkerden
Tom Lee wed 1887 to Emma Doretta Auhl
William Lee wed 1873 to Grace Gainger
William Henry Lee wed 1882 to Sarah Anne Evans

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