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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Alice Lodge wed 1873 to James Hampton
Esther Jane Lodge came 1857 via the Black Eagle to join William Thompson
James Lodge wed 1877 to Elizabeth Arnel
James Clapham Lodge came 1852 on the Jas Carson with Hannah Hudson
Mary Ann Lodge wed 1870 to Cornelius Davies
John Jacob Loffel wed 1870 to Jane Tainsh
Hannah Loftus wed 1880 to Albert Christain Warnecke
Joseph Albert Loftus wed 1895 to Florence Mary Wakefield
Eliza Logan came to Victoria March 1862 on the Shackamaxon with Robert Aird
Jessie Logan wed 1859 to Robert Mitchell
Mary Logan wed 1889 to Thomas Shorten
Jessie Balleny Login wed 1875 to Hezekiah Harrison
Margaret Helen Login wed 1875 to James Alexander Reid
Marion Flora Login wed 1887 to Robert Sillett
William Spence Login came c1854 from Orkney Isle with Anne Miller Howden
Fred Wm Lohse wed 1897 to Louisa Wharton
Johann Lohse wed 1870 to Lina (Carolina) Kraemer
Wilhelm Johann Martin Lohse wed 1882 to Pietertje Quak
Arthur Pierce Lombe wed 1886 to Esther Maria Cowl
Willian Henry Lombe wed c1858 in NSW to Juliana Sherlock
Frances Loney wed 1891 to Joseph Henry Trenery
James Loney came 1857 on the David McIvor with Susan Mallan
Mary Jane Loney wed 1880 to Edward Robson Taylor
Daisy Evelyn Long wed 1919 to Bertie Llewellyn Akers
Eliza Long came 1856 on the Arthur The Great with Samuel Brookman
Eliza Long wed 1888 to Alfred Enderby
Elizabeth Jane Long wed 1857 to Hugh Hamilton Halliday
Ellen Elizabeth Long wed c1856 to Walter Bridges
Jno Alfred Long wed c1897 to Caroline Pearce
John Alfred Long came c1853 with Elizabeth Hyatt
John Alfred Long wed c1897 to Caroline Pearce
John Phillip Long wed 1890 to Bessie Addison
Mary Long came c1857 with Thomas Burden
Robert Long wed 1874 to Harriet Britter
Samuel Long wed 1856 to Eliza Gregory nee Marshman
William James Long wed 1897 to Eleanor Jane Lugg
Mary Longshaw wed 1882 to Alfred Henry Freeman
Margaret Lonie wed 1875 to James Prescott
Anne Lonsdale wed 1884 to Abel Roberts
Azubah Looker wed 1876 to Charles Henry Rundell
David Looker came 1853 on the Duke Of Richmond with Mary Ann Newman
Elizabeth Looker wed 1884 to Arthur John Pettgrove/Pettigrove
Ephraim Looker wed 1864 to Isabella McNiel/later McNeil
Hamutal Looker wed 1867 to James Treloar
Jacob Looker wed 1874 to Mary Jane Rundell
John Looker wed 1885 to Elizabeth Mansfield
Madelaine Looker wed 1868 to Robert Hickleton
Mary Ann Looker wed 1868 to Barzalai John Gowty
Philip Looker wed 1881 to Mary Ann Hayes
Phillip Looker came 1853 on the Duke Of Richmond with Susan Wright
Sarah Looker wed 1882 to Arthur John Pettigrove
Zipporah Looker wed 1872 to William Dyer Rundell
Catherine Looney wed 1855 to William Pritchard
Catherine Lord wed 1871 to Samuel Baulch
Domenico Lorenzi/Lorensini wed 1870 to Sarah Ann Bathsheba Buckle
Ernestine Lorke wed 1867 to Heinrich Wilhelm Winter
Margt Laurensen/Lorringson came c1857 with James Wells
John William Henry Loste wed 1863 to Sarah Ismay Cooke
Sarah Susan Catherine Loste wed 1862 to Edward John White
Ellen Lott came 1853 on the Helen Lindsay with Alfred Abraham Harris
Alexis Louis Louchard wed c1854 to Amelia Burn
Eugine Auguste Alex Louchard wed 1886 to Miriam Jane Lunn
Andrew Louden came c1853 with Elizabeth Anderson
Fred Wm Louden wed 1897 to Elizabeth Mary Lukey
Sarah Louden wed 1878 to Matthew Black
William Louden came c1846 with Sarah Thornbury
Mary Loundes wed 1888 to Albert John Payne
Ann Louttit came 1852 on the Mangerton with James Flett
Adelaide Love came c1857 with Thomas Trembath
John Love wed 1881 to Isabella Ewart
William Love wed 1877 to Elizabeth Ramadge
Emma Eliza Lovekin wed 1909 to Alfred Robert Fairish
Frederick Lovekin wed 1880 to Eliza Unwin
Lawrence Frederick Lovekin wed 1880 to Eliza Unwin
William Lovell/ Lovel wed c1856 to Mary Ann Mayes/May Maise
John Lovell wed 1867 to Maria Flavall nee Phillips
Mary Ann Lovell wed 1881 to William Henry Wrathall
Stephen Lovell wed 1880 to Susanna Barnes
Mercy Amelia Lovell wed 1873 to Francis Jerrett
Harriet Lovelock came 1853 on the Ganges Khan with Thomas Verey
Leonora Lovely came c1853 with Benedick Shepherd
Charlotte Loveridge wed 1817 to Richard Burrows
John Loveridge wed 1865 at Morven Tasmania to Mary Larcombe
Sophia Lovie wed 1880 to Herbert John Matthews
Alice Elizabeth Lovitt wed 1884 to William Thomas Manders
Ann Lovitt wed 1883 to Andrew Mckissock
George Frederick Lovitt wed 1856 to Jane Hewitt
George Frederick Lovitt wed 1890 to Mary Braidie
Gilbert Lovitt wed 1891 to Annie Elizabeth Watson
John Frederick Lovitt wed 1880 to Alice Elizabeth Brideoake
Sarah Jane Lovitt wed 1881 to Charles Button
Thomas James Lovitt wed 1897 to Johanna Lucy Rickards
Barbara Low wed 1888 to George Jones
Catherine Low wed 1884 to George Akers
Christiana Low wed c1863 to James Sinclair
David Low wed 1883 to Catherine Veronica Keane/ Kaine
Jane Low wed 1880 to Harry Bellingham
Janet Low wed 1890 to David Henry Jones
Margaret Low wed 1887 to Charles Edwards
Thomas Low wed 1853 to Mary Way

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