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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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James Lowden came c1855 with Eleanor Cowley
John Charles Lowden wed 1888 to Mary Notman
Margaret Ann Lowden wed 1864 to Charles James Couchman
Sarah Lowden wed 1878 to Matthew Black
Esther Low / Lowe came 1856 on the Omega with Allen/Allan Mills
Genetta Louisa Lowe wed 1888 to Richard Clement Greaves
George Lowe came 1855 with Sarah Fisher
Harriet Anne Lowe wed 1881 to James William Daniel Robinson
Rueben/Reuben Lowe wed 1886 to Emma Aldrich
Elizabeth Lower came c1855 with Charles Armstrong
Annie Lowerson wed 1875 to Richard Barton
Mary Ann Elizabeth Lowes wed 1861 to John Thomas Sargison
Jane Loweth came 1853 on the Fairlie with Thomas Grimwood
John Lowrie wed 1882 to Elizth Orange nee LequierAird
John Lowrie wed 1890 to Margaret Lillian Appleby
Mary Ann Lowry wed 1853 to William Sansom
Moses Lowry wed 1863 to Henrietta Wilkinson
Samuel Lowry wed 1894 to Jane Perry Ick
Ellen Lowther wed 1845 to Thomas Kirk
Eliza Lucas came 1853 on the Stebonheath with George Lugg
Emily Fowler Lucas wed 1881 to Henry Brame
Frank Prestige Lucas wed 1879 to Jane Gibb
George Richard Lucas wed 1883 to Mary Kenyon
George Thomas Lucas wed 1860 to Isabelle Fowler
Georgina Jane Lucas wed 1882 to Benjamin Jiggins
Henry Lucas wed 1864 to Margaret Moore
James Lucas wed 1884 to Florance Nunn
John Lucas wed 1862 to Bridget Ann McCallum
Mary Amelia Lucas wed 1885 to Joseph Frusher
Sarah Ann Lucas came c1855 with John Miscamble
Amelia Lucke wed 1873 to Arthur Vernon
Frederick Luke/Lucke wed 1855 to Ellenor Derby
John Samuel Lucke wed 1888 to Annie Glasson
William Barnard Lucke wed 1884 to Annie Cocks/Cox
Jane Ludden wed 1837 in Launceston to Richard Grayling
Charlotte Ludlow wed 1874 to James Tidd
Wilhelmina Luehr wed 1880 to Charles Henry Scheele
Susanna Frances Luff came 1857 to join John Hacon
Susanna Frances Hacon nee Luff wed 1866 to Charles Pell
Alice Levena Lugg wed 1911 to Ernest Harry Trigg
Charles Albert Joseph Lugg wed 1912 to Allison Isabel Pegg
Edward Lugg wed 1867 to Johanna Dorothea Paulke
Edward John Lugg wed 1907 to Elizth Rosina Ruff
Eleanor Jane Lugg wed 1897 to William James Long
George Lugg came 1853 on the Stebonheath with Eliza Lucas
Henry Lugg wed 1876 to Amy Hayes
James Samuel Lugg wed 1906 to Eliza Ada Hunt
William Henry Lugg wed 1900 to Mary Alice Dettmering
Alfred Lukey wed 1879 to Matilda Maria Mills
Alfred Lukey wed 1892 to Flora Rose
Alfred Vaughan Lukey wed 1890 to Rose May Celest Fairthorne
Benjamin Lukey wed 1853 to Mary Watson
Benjamin Lukey wed 1870 to Elizabeth George
Chas Algar/Angus Lukey wed 1911 to Elizabeth Annie Gertrude Kellow
Elizabeth Lukey wed 1875 to William Jones
Elizabeth Mary Lukey wed 1897 to Fred Wm Louden
Emily Lukey wed 1878 to Joseph Lane
Francis Lukey came 1849 with Elizabeth Moyle
Henry John Lukey wed 1880 to Amy Florence Gardiner
John Lukey wed 1880 to Harriet Webb
John Davis Lukey wed 1884 to Annie Sophia Hunt
Joseph Lukey came c1855 with Mary Snell Hull nee Peryman
Joseph Reynold/Ronalds Lukey wed 1882 to Elizabeth McBride Foulds
Mary Lukey wed 1882 to Thomas Ward
Reynold Lukey came c1854 with Mary Davies
Sarah Ann Lukey wed 1887 to Thomas Roberts Pearce
Thomas Lukey wed 1875 to Ellen/Helen Good/Goad
William Henry Lukey wed 1884 to Emily Sansom
Agnes Emma Lummis wed c1886 to James Hughes
Arthur Robert Lummis wed 1888 to Elizabeth Ahern
Frances Elizabeth Lummis wed 1888 to John Boucher
Herbert Thomas Lummis wed 1900 to Frances Alice Britten
John Samman Lummis wed 1890 to Elizabeth Clark
Julia Mary Lummis wed c1897 to James Hamilton Alexander
Samman Lummis wed 1859 to Julia Howard
Anne Lumsden wed 1855 in Hobart Tasmania to Henry Stagg
Caroline Lumsden wed 1862 to Robert Crawford
Elizabeth Lumsden wed 1868 to Charles Gregson
James Henry Lumsden convict wed 1835 in Tasmania to Sarah Dorothy Perkins
Beatrice Ellen Lund wed c1893 to William Walklate
Charles Lund wed 1861 to Alice Edwards
Henry Lunn wed c1860 to Mary Baker nee Borland
Hy Dawkins Lunn wed 1889 to Mary Readhead
Miriam Jane Lunn wed 1886 to Eugine Auguste Alex Louchard
William Lunn wed 1856 to Catharine Brideson
Margaret Lunny wed 1864 to Alexander Hall
Elizabeth Luscombe came 1863 on the Robert Small with Joseph Truscott
Jane Luscombe came 1853 on the Caroline Chisholm with William Greg Daw
Frances Lush came c1882 with William Montgomery Stewart
Franz Luttgens came c1855 with Elizabeth Maien /Majar/Myers
Franz Luttgens wed 1864 to Johanna Christina Korb
John Henry Lutgen/ Luttgens wed 1883 to Maria Campbell
Alfred Henry Luxford wed 1872 to Elizabeth Thompson
Charles Luxford wed 1878 to Agnes Sarah Thompson
Edward James Luxford wed 1887 to Charlotte Cater
Emily Luxford wed 1877 to John White
George Edwin Luxford wed 1884 to Margaret Woods
Henry Luxford came 1849 on the Saxon with Emily Ann Green
Henry Luxford wed 1883 to Mary Amelia Cater
Thomas Luxford wed 1875 to Hannah Sophia Dally
William Luxford wed 1886 to Sarah Pearce
Daniel James Luxton wed 1886 to Maude Mary Buchnall
Elizabeth Luxton wed 1856 to Henry Page Saunders
Harriet Luxton wed c1879 to Robert MacIndoe/McIndoe
James Luxton came 1852 on the Apolline with Mary Ann Bassett
John Carter Luxton wed 1896 to Florence Mary Forbes
Mary Jane Luxton wed 1883 to George Minto
Thomas Luxton wed 1872 to Sarah Schooling

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