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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Catherine Lyall wed 1863 to Sampson Grager Harris
David Lyall came 1852 on the Sappho with Janet Mary Marr
Hellen (Ellen) Lyall wed 1859 to William Allen Donaldson
Jane Lyall wed 1871 to William Alfred Hughes
John Mickle Lyall wed 1899 to Cecil Garnett Warburton Curr
John Mickle Lyall wed 1907 to Medora Basan
Margaret Mickle Lyall wed 1876 to Robert Oliphant Timms
Theodore Jno Lyall wed 1892 to Mabel Barbara Norquay
William Lyall came c1849 with Annabella Brown
William Lyall wed 1884 to Margaret Anna Hemphill
William Bond Lyall wed 1878 to Eliza Haynes
David Lydeker wed c1900 to Alison Taylor Gibson
Henri Legoleker/Lydeker wed 1863 to Margaret McAliece
Harriet Lye came 1854 on the Bloomer to Portland with Joseph ThomasCollard
Daniel Lynch came 1857 on the Bee with Mary Unknown
Henry Lynch wed 1880 to Eliza Mary Ann Young
John Robert Lynch wed 1889 to Anne Maria Marshall Hurford
Letitia Lynch wed 1862 to John Craig
Mary Lynch came c1875 with William Witcombe
Robert Lynch wed 1891 to Jane Biles
Rose Lynch wed 1869 to Neal Scullin
Charles Edward Lyndon wed 1896 to Ada Emma Goltz
Henry William Lyndon came c1868 with Emma Taylor
Lillian Lyndon wed 1904 to George Cephas Cousins
Thomas Lyne wed 1858 to Janet Craik
Elizabeth Ann Lynn wed 1888 to George Mcleod Sinclair
John Lynn wed 1889 to Emma Georgina Hewet
Margaret Alaine/Allen/Lann/ Lynn came 1868 on the Southern Ocean with John Gray
William Lynn wed 1856 to Margaret White
William Stephen Lynn wed 1884 to Emily Matilda Cunningham Hurford
Alice Elizabeth Lyon wed 1889 to Jno Morriss Fleming
Allen Lyon wed 1857 to Helena Eleanora Wooton
Amy Clara Lyon wed 1897 to Oscar Greasly
Catherine Lyon wed 1860 to Thomas Bradshaw
Catherine Julia Lyon wed 1881 to Thomas Rothwell Bloomfield
Elizabeth Ann Jane Lyon wed 1862 to Silas Cocks Ruck
Ellen/Ellenor Lyon wed 1854 to John Marshall
Elsie Myrtle Lyon wed c1920 to James Ernest Wilson
Emma Lyon wed 1859 to Henry Herbert Bindon
Eva Louise Maria Lyon wed 1887 to William Ralph Walker
Hannah Georgina Lyon wed 1889 to Walter Elliott
Harry Unwin Lyon wed c1910 to Lillian Alice Taylor
Henry Barker Lyon wed 1869 to Oceana Ellen Rose
Jemima Lyon wed 1876 to John Alcorn
Jessie Ellen Lyon wed 1910 to George Henry Allan Douglas
John Lyon wed 1850 to Jemima Unwin
John Gibson Lyon wed 1872 to Julia McCarthy
John Gibson Lyon wed 1885 to Emma Eliza Turtle
John Rutherford Lyon wed 1878 to Lydia Eliza Rands
John William Lyon wed 1856 to Maria Annie Shuttleworth
Lucinda Whittle Barker Lyon wed 1870 to Matthew Brisbane
Mary Elizabeth Lyon wed c1872 to Thomas Stonehouse
Mary Emily Lyon wed 1887 to William John Butson
Peter Lyon came 1852 on the Minnesota with Bridget Rutherford
Peter Lyon wed 1898 to Margaret Ann Corby
Rosa Vic Annie Lyon wed 1887 to Ralph Jackson Hedley
Rosina Bridget Lyon wed 1883 to George Hein
William James Wootten Lyon wed 1895 to Sophia Essex
William Rutherford Lyon wed 1872 to Elizabeth Ann Grisold
Lyon wed 1872 to Elizabeth Ann Grisold
Elizabeth Lyons wed 1872 to Robert Forrester
Elizabeth Ann Lyons wed 1881 to Alfred James Punshon
Margaret Lyons wed 1857 to John Boadle
Thomas Lyons came 1857 on the Invincibl with Ann Martha Collister
John Lysaght wed 1892 to Catherine Trembath
Arthur Walter Lyte wed 1871 to Emily Goodman
Charles Lyte wed 1863 to Mary Anne Johnston
Etta May Lyte wed 1917 to Rupert Rudolph Ramm
George Lyte wed 1894 to Sarah Elizabeth Muir
Henry Augustus Lyte wed 1889 to Ellen Margt Moore
Henry William Lyte wed 1866 to Ann Francis
Henry William Lyte wed 1871 to Hannah Sleeth
Hettie May Lyte wed 1917 to Rupert Rudolph Ramm
William Charles Lyte wed 1888 to Catherine Neil Given

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