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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Henry Thacker McGill wed 1884 to Ellen Matilda Stratton
James McGill wed 1863 to Hannah Jones nee Doran
James Thomas McGill wed 1886 to Elizabeth Crimmins
Alexander Sykes McGillivray wed 1879 to Catherine Elizabeth Cocks
John Mcgillivray came c1860 with Sarah Forbes
Margary/ Marjory McGilvray/ McGillivray wed 1872 to William Job Fisk
Charles McGilvray wed 1877 to Susannah Yates
Sarah Mcgilvray wed 1884 to Joseph Mousley
William McGinnis wed 1866 to Emmela Maria Barelli
Bridget McGinty wed 1890 to Samuel Wise
Patrick McGinty wed 1856 to Hannah (Honora) Scully
Susan Magowen /Mcgowen wed 1860 to William Height
Maria McGrath wed 1853 to Timothy Ahern
Henry Mcgregor wed 1845 to Frances Ann Eldridge
James Mcgregor wed 1870 to Margaret Elizabeth Dickins
James Mcgregor wed 1889 to Jane Ann Elizabeth Peggie
Jane Mcgregor came c1857 with James Fredk Hill
Janet Mcgregor wed 1880 to William Wentworth Greene
John Mcgregor wed 1875 to Margaret Hodge
Marion Mcgregor wed 1875 to James Crewther
Mary Ann Mcgregor wed 1888 to Richard Witherden
Sarah Elizabeth Mcgregor wed 1863 to John Morrow
Sarah Elizabeth Morrow nee Mcgregor wed 1884 to Edmund Brown
William McGregor wed 1886 to Mary Elizabeth Treble
William Ross Mcgregor wed 1867 to Esther Watson nee Waters
Jane McGuigan wed 1870 to William Henry Welsh
Margaret McGuigan wed 1885 to Robert John Almond
William McGuigan came c1859 with Margaret McMinn
Alexander Wright McGuiness wed 1868 to Sarah Brown
Henrietta Amelia McGuiness wed 1897 to Frederick Tassell
Emma McGuinnes wed 1894 to Antonio Dante Monotti
Henrietta Amelia McGuinness wed 1897 to Frederick Tassell
Alfred McGuire wed 1884 to Flora Elizabeth Lee
John McHenry wed c1887 to Sophia Peters
Margaret McHenry wed 1880 to Andrew Wilson Veitch
Margaret Mckendry/McHenry wed 1860 to William Pollock
William McHenry came 1850 on the Bussorah Merchant with Ann Black
Mary Maud McHutchison wed 1915 to Oswald John Alexander Forrester
Robert McHutchison wed 1872 to Mary Evans
Robert MacIndoe/McIndoe wed c1879 to Harriet Luxton
Elizabeth McInerney wed 1884 to James Carland
Margaret Elizth Mcinerney wed 1890 to William Gardner Scates
Bridget McInnerney came c1857 with Patrick Neagle
Flora McInnes wed c1875 to James Reynolds
Janet McInnes wed 1859 to Donald Black
Margaret McInnes wed 1880 to James Weatherson
Mary Agnes Mcinnes wed 1893 to Henry William Simpkin
Ronald McInnes came c1863 with Ann McDonald
William Andrew MacIntire McIntire wed 1857 to Reby (Rebecca) Letitia Rothwell
Alexander Claude Mcintosh wed 1893 to Lucy Bertha Barclay nee Shuttleworth
Annie McIntosh wed 1858 to Simon Hepburn Tolmie
Barbara Ann McIntosh wed 1876 to John Briggs Blanshard
Catherine McIntosh came c1861 with Joseph Hicks
David Macintosh Mcintosh wed 1882 to Elizabeth Cutler
Isabella Mcintosh wed 1855 to Peter Gardiner
Margaret Mcintosh wed 1882 to Peter Weston
Neil McIntosh wed 1862 to Jane Jones nee Sergeant
Neil McIntosh wed 1865 to Lucy Margaret Keam nee Grayling
Annie Mcintosh wed 1885 to Henry Fortune
Mary McIntosh came 1853 on the Priscilla with Donald McPherson
Catherine Mcintyre wed 1865 to William Cook Garden
Charles Mcintyre wed 1891 to Annie Savin
Daniel Mcintyre wed 1885 to Emily Rickard
Edward McIntyre wed 1863 to Ellen Hassett
George MacIntyre McIntyre came c1854 with Mary Williams
James McIntyre wed 1886 to Susannah VictoriaWeate
James Duncan Mcintyre wed 1888 to Cicely Harriet Mathie
James Duncan McIntyre wed 1907 to Edith Ann Dorothy Elmore
JohnMcintyre wed 1895 to Mary Savin
John Mcintyre wed 1876 to Jane McKenzie
Kath/Catherine Flora Isabel Mcintyre wed 1901 to Robert Trotter
Mabel Beatrice Mcintyre wed 1919 to Samuel George Graydon
Margaret McIntyre wed 1854 to Daniel Gephart
Robert McIntyre came c1854 with Catherine McLauchlin/Mclachlan
Sarah Martha McIntyre wed 1886 to John William Henry Marshall
William Andrew MacIntyreMcIntyre wed 1879 to Amy Frances Benallack
Catherine McIsaac wed 1865 to William Thomas Raymond
Catherine McIsaac wed 1885 to William Edward Glendenning
George McIsaac came 1854 on the Bride Of The Sea with Mary Allan
Georgina McIsaac wed 1887 to John Manton
Helen/Ellen McIsaac wed 1871 to Thomas Morrish
Isabella McIsaac wed 1857 to Michael Ford
John McIsaac was joined 1854 by Janet Henderson
Margaret Turner McIsaac wed 1890 to Alf Baker
Mary McIsaac wed 1866 to John (Jock) Leishman
William John McIsaac wed 1891 to Jane Burrows
Grace McKaig came 1852 on the Flora with Alexander Gillespie

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