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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Margaret Ness wed 1864 to Richard Martin
Caroline Nethaway came 1857 on the British Trident with Thomas Judd
Bessie Gertrude Nettleton wed 1896 to Henry Heaford Ramage
Elizabeth Nettleton wed 1852 at Horton to Edwin Medwin
George Albert Neville wed 1902 to Hilda Florence Leeder
James Neville wed c1881 to Catherine Wallis/Wallace
James Henry Neville wed 1891 to Rebecca Ann Beazley
John Robert (Elderbrand/Hilderbrand) Neville wed 1890 to Agnes Jane Lang
Kathrine Ellen Neville wed 1918 to John Thomas Chiller
Robert Charles Neville came c1861 with Margaret Elizabeth Duncan
William Neville wed 1855 to Ellen Flett
Elizabeth Nevin came c1859 with John Bews
Michael Francis Nevins wed 1897 to Mary Ann Oconnor
Patrick Nevins came c1856 with Bridget Toohey
Thomas Henry Nevins wed 1882 to Mary Ellen Newman
Thomas Henry Nevins wed 1882 to Mary Ellen Newman
David New came c1864 with Janet Horne
Elizabeth Ann New wed 1887 to Alfred George Ladhams
Charles Newall wed 1868 to Catharine Patience
Edith Annie Newall wed 1899 to Archibald George Stewart
Amelia Elizabeth Newcombe wed 1897 to Jno Jos Collins
Archilaus Frederick Lloyd Newcombe wed 1898 to Catherine Whelan
Emma Newcombe wed 1882 to John Nathaniel Bennett
Fanny Newcombe wed 1898 to John Michael Shinner
Harold Lloyd Newcombe wed 1913 to Elsie May Downer
Kate Lloyd Newcombe wed 1890 in Victoria to Alfred John Callender
Mary Ann Newcombe wed 1876 to Ambrose William Rayner
Robt John Thos Newcombe wed 1904 to Ada Lavina Stephenson
Will Henry Newcombe wed 1896 to Agnus Esther Caldon
William Newcombe wed 1854 to Ellen Higgins
Sarah Newell wed 1857 to Abraham Sutcliffe
Cecelia Josine Carland nee Newey wed 1909 to Norman McPhie
Edward Newey wed 1884 to Agnes Jane Howlett
Edwin Newey wed 1879 to Agnes Mathewson
Edwin Newey wed 1879 to Agnes Mathewson
Eliza Newey wed 1890 to John West
Frederick Newey came c1855 with Margaret Mars
John Newey wed 1906 to Annie Florence Truscott
Mary Jane Newey wed 1882 to Thomas William Howlett
Mary Jane Newie/ Newry Newey wed 1882 to Thomas William Howlett
Rebecca Newey wed 1885 to John Johnston
Sarah Newey wed 1888 to Charles Patrick Lennon
Thomas Newey wed 1894 to Celia Josine Carland
Walter Newey wed 1894 to Annie Saddlier
William Newey wed 1852 in Victoria to Ellen Fitzgerald
William Newey wed 1895 to Alice Clare Ann Judd
Mary Ann Dunham/Newham came 1877 with William Burnill Splatt
Ephraim Newitt wed 1879 in Sorell, Tas to Susan Birchall Moore
Sarah Louisa Newitt wed 1883 at Sorell, Tasmania, Australia to George Walter Bellett
James Newlands came c1854 with Elizabeth Paul
James Alexander Newlands wed 1876 to Alice Annie Campbell
Janet Newlands wed 1875 to Jesse Thomas Huntingford
Ada Gertrude Newman wed 1892 to Richard Gulley
Andrew Newman came 1859 on the Ocean Chief with Catherine Reilly
Andrew Newman wed 1891 to Alice Wheeler Jewell
Ann Newman came c1838 to Thebarton Adelaide with Robert Jacques
Arthur Jonah Newman wed 1900 to Francis Caroline Chamberlain
Catherine Eveline Newman wed 1894 to John Patrick Guilfoyle
Eliza Newman wed 1880 to Joseph Biles
Elizabeth Ann Newman wed 1880 to Daniel Augustine Guiney
Emily Ann Newman wed 1865 to Samuel John Laurence
Fanny Newman wed 1880 to Charles James Pidgeon
Geo Hy Newman wed 1891 to Edith Maud Pilley
George Newman wed 1852 to Annie Smallcombe
George Newman wed 1882 to Elizabeth Ann Glew
Harriet Matilda Newman wed 1884 to James Gulley
James Newman came 1854 on the Medway with Charlotte Sivioner /Sivyer/ Siviour
John Frederick Newman came 1851 with Margaret McKenzie
Margaret Madeline Newman wed 1886 to William Joseph Bennett
Mary Ann Newman came 1853 on the Duke Of Richmond with David Looker
Mary Ann Bryant nee Newman wed 1866 to George Young
Mary Ellen Newman wed 1882 to Thomas Henry Nevins
Mary Ellen Newman wed 1882 to Thomas Henry Nevins
Selina Newman wed 1874 to John Robert King
Christina Newth wed 1881 to James Smith
James Newth wed 1854 to Catherine Matthewson
James Newth wed 1893 to Mary Ann Johnson
Mary Ann Newth wed 1874 to James Simmonds
Thomas Newth wed 1884 to Agnes Gray
Bridget Reynolds nee Newton wed 1870 to John Brown
Cath Susanna Newton wed 1901 to Phillip Firebrace Darlot
Charles Sydney Newton wed 1891 to Ann Jane Trickey
Charles Sydney Newton wed 1891 to Ann Jane Trickey
Elizabeth Ann Newton wed 1880 to Michael Peter Rogan
Elizabeth Peregoing Newton wed 1876 to Henry Wooles Burnell
Emily Ann Newton wed 1880 to Francis John Machen/ Machon
Esther Rebecca Susanah Bugbord Newton wed 1894 to Wm Henry Sherwill
Fanny Agnes Newton wed 1895 to Joseph Elliott Dripps
George Henry Newton wed 1866 to Lillah / Zillah Sterry
Henry Gildea Newton wed 1886 to Isabella Jane Kearney
Hibbert Newton wed 1859 to Catherine Liddiard
Hibbert Henry Gildea Newton wed 1886 to Clara Violet Stephen
Isaac Newton wed 1888 to Margaret Philomena Byrns
John Newton came 1857 on the< Negotiator with Mary Ann Clark
John Newton came c1854 with Rosetta Hutchins
John Vigars Harvey Newton wed 1860 to Susan Louisa Liddiard
Mary Newton came c1856 with Thomas Sly
Peter Newton wed 1872 to Ellen Bugbird
Robert Newton came 1853 on the Earl Grey with Sarah Cavill
Rosetta Newton wed 1881 to George Milgate
Samuel Newton came c1855 with Elizabeth Berriman
Sylvester Newton wed 1855 to Bridget Reynolds
Annie M Newtown wed c1880 to George Bickford Moysey

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