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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Emma Sophia Ramm wed 1898 to John Johnson Barry
George Ramm came 1883 on the Pathan and was joined by Sybley Simpson
George Ramm wed 1889 to Jemima Violet Inwood
Jochim Ramm wed 1860 to Margaretha Popp
John George Ramm wed 1908 to Ethel Sarah Radnell
Robert Geo Ramm wed 1920 to Veronica Casandra Hawkins
Rupert Rudolph Ramm wed 1917 to Hettie May Lyte
Wilhelm Ramm wed 1888 to Louisa Mary Powell
Wilhelm Albt Ramm wed 1911 to Martha Helena Pumpa
Alex Gordon Culbert Ramsay wed 1887 to Florence Louisa Blyth
Alexander Culbert Ramsay wed 1856 to Mary Jane Whan
Barbara Ramsay wed 1889 to John Woodside
Hetta Joan Ramsay wed 1915 to Vivian Charles Phayer
Isabella (Duncan) Ramsay wed 1885 to Sydney Grimshaw Pacey
John Ramsay wed 1872 to Elizabeth Barr
John Brown Ramsay wed 1873 to Elizabeth Jane Davey
Magnus Ramsay wed 1855 to Jessie Urquhart nee Mckenzie
Magnus Ramsay wed 1900 to Eliza MatdaKeam
Margaret Elizabeth Ramsay wed 1889 to Harry Edwd Catt
Maria Lucinda Ramsay wed 1900 to Sydney James Reed
Samuel Ramsay wed c1873 to Susan Beatrice Toyer
William John Ramsay wed 1901 to Eveline May Wagglen
Mary Anne Ramsdale came c1840 with William Wilton
Annie Julia Randall wed 1909 to Percy Victor Hawken
Esther Randall wed c1899 to Charles Thomas Furneaux
Esther Louisa Rundle / Randall wed 1884 to Frank Alfred Nott
George Randall came c1859 with Frances Ann Bishop
George Randall wed 1885 to Julia Anne Salter
Kate Randall wed 1880 to John Dooly
Thomas Randall wed 1858 to Mary O'Leary
Harriet Amelia Randle came 1859 to join John Goode
Albert Edward Rands wed 1896 to Agnus Robina Jennings
Israel Edward Rands wed 1846 to Eliza Myers
John Alexander Rands wed 1882 to Janet Mary (Jessie) Paterson
Louisa Caroline Rands wed 1870 to Thomas Webb
Lydia Eliza Rands wed 1878 to John Rutherford Lyon
Sarah Henrietta Rands wed 1884 to William Arthur Grey
Elizth Ellen Ranger wed 1899 #2463 to William Leslie Heazlewood
John Ranger came c1876 with Ellen Houghton
Cornelius Rankin came 1852 on the Isle of Skye with Sarah Woodfine
Josiah Rankin wed 1867 to Maria Frusher
Kessiah/Keziah Rankin wed 1860 to William Dixon/Hixon Mcdonald
Lydia Rankin wed 1854 to Daniel Buckle
Lydia Buckle nee Rankin wed 1868 to William Woodfine
Marianne Rankin wed 1871 to Augustus Armstrong
Mary Rankin came c1863 with Thomas Stewart
Samuel Rankin came 1852 on the Isle of Skye with Sarah Warren
Sophia Rankin wed 1853 to Daniel Thorpe
Walter Rankin wed 1871 to Sarah Austin Hobbs
Elizabeth Courtin Ransom wed 1858 to Luke Smith
Frederick John Ransom wed 1920 to Emily Ethel Bravo
James Ellis Ransom wed 1879 to Eunice Elizabeth Percy
John Ellis Ransom wed 1852 to Dorothy Marion Keane/Cain
John Joseph (John Ellis) Ransom wed 1879 to Janet Rogers Gray
Plazzy (Badenfield) Ransom wed 1887 to Andrew Kinkaid
Robert Thomas Frederick James Ransom wed 1893 to Maude Mary Nichols
William Raper wed 1859 to Eliza Spokes
Thomas Rapsey wed 1882 to Marion Murray
Ellen Radcliffe/Ratcliff came c1862with Joseph Goddard
Sarah Ratcliffe came c1856 with Henry Wolstenholme
Ellen Rattenbury wed 1890 to Robert Weate
Eliza Rattle wed 1872 to William Josiah Jabez Barrett
Emma Elizabeth Rattle wed 1872 to Richard Stephens
Hannah Rattle wed 1878 to Walter Perry
William Rattle wed 1849 to Eliza Jones
William Rattle wed 1889 to Eliza Jane Crago
William Rattle wed 1898 to Rosita Crago
William Rattle wed 1898 to Rosetta Crago
Ellen Rattray wed 1871 to John Mckissock
James Rattray came c1859 with Jane Artherson
James Rattray wed 1888 to Sarah Gaul
Cathrena Rava wed 1891 to Joshua Tuer
Margaret Rosetta Rava wed 1887 to John Marsengo
Martin Rava wed 1897 to Margaret Burke
Michael Rava wed 1865 to Susannah Lockyer
Rosa Rava wed 1913 to Norman Charles Grant
Susan Adelaide Rava wed 1894 to William Joseph Limbrick
Vincenso Rava wed 1894 to Hannah Jane Tuer
Charles Raven wed 1912 to Marianne Sophia Pallot
Eliza Raven wed 1851 to Thomas Henry Thwaites
Elizabeth Raven wed 1891 to John Alexander
Ethel Raven wed 1901 to Archibald Boadle
Harry Raven wed 1905 to Frances Margaret Biggs
Henry Horatio Raven wed 1864 to Bridget Moroney
Mary Ann Raven wed 1889 to Archibald Boadle
William George Raven wed 1853 to Sarah Wedd

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