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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Maria Ernestine Ubergang wed 1906 to Heinrich Ernst Huf
August/Gustav Uebergang wed 1884 to Maria Louise Zeuschmer
Caroline Uebergang came 1853 on the Wilhelmsburg with Gottfried Uebergang
Caroline Uebergang wed 1854 to John White
Charles Uebergang came 1853 on the Wilhelmsburg with Johanna Eleanora Peuker
Charles Wilhelm Uebergang wed c1856 to Augusta Klosa/Klosse
Ernestine Uebergang wed 1865 to Carl Wilhelm Mibus
Ernst August Uebergang wed 1878 to Maria Pelchen
Gottfried Uebergang came 1853 on the Wilhelmsburg with Caroline Uebergang
Gottfried Uebergang wed 1862 to Johanne Konig
Johann Christ (Christina) Uebergang wed 1858 to Johann August Grosser
Johanna Carolina Uebergang wed 1861 to Johann Burger
Luise Pauline Uebergang wed 1866 to Johan Huf
Wilhelm Uebergang wed c1864 to Caroline Suhr
Wilhelm Uebergang wed c1865 to Caroline Mibus
Ann Wharry/Uharry came 1854 on the Marian Moore with James Marshall Nesbit
Pauline Amelia Uhlhorne came c1881 with Robert Johnson
Adelaide Eliza Ullithorne wed 1888 to Frederick William Wolstenholme
Augustus Ullithorne wed 1914 to Louisa Theos
Frederick William Ullithorne came c1853 with Louisa Pile
Oscar Augustus Ullithorne wed c1878 to Alice Ponton
Alice Charlotte Underwood wed 1884 to Frank Stourbridge Le Smyth
Amos Underwood wed 1885 to Ada Godier
David Underwood came to Sydney 1854 on the Lord George Bentinck with Caroline Westwood
Emma Underwood wed 1882 to George Henry Arnold
Jane Underwood wed 1875 to Francis Croxford
Mary Underwood wed 1884 to Benjamin Hughes
Thomas Underwood convict wed 1846 to Jane Panton
Thomas James Bentyc (Bentyne) Underwood wed 1882 to Elizabeth Varcoe
Albert Unwin wed 1869 to Selina Herbert
Albert Unwin wed 1907 to Mary Jane Jones
Arthur Henry Unwin wed 1865 to Margaret Ann Pye
Clara Alice Unwin wed 1904 to Hugh John Berry
Clara Lillian Unwin wed 1903 to James Ramage
Eliza Unwin wed 1880 to Frederick Lovekin
Eliza Unwin wed 1880 to Lawrence Frederick Lovekin
Emily Rebecca Unwin wed 1876 to James Rice
Emma Unwin wed 1887 to William Withers
Ethel May Unwin wed 1912 to Charles Robert Brown
Fanny Elizabeth Unwin wed 1894 to Albert William Fritsch
Flor Emily Unwin wed 1911 to Ernest Victor Wells
Florence Ada Unwin wed 1910 to Frederick Witcombe
Frances Unwin wed 1872 to Frederick Mechon
Frances Unwin wed 1872 to Frederick Mechon/ Machon
Henry Unwin wed 1878 to Eleanor Mary Kenney
Henry Unwin wed 1884 to Isabella Smith
Henry Jabez Unwin wed 1855 to Susan Hayhoe
James Unwin wed 1856 to Catherine Colbon
James King Unwin wed 1879 to Jane Alexander Portous
James Thomas Unwin wed 1894 to Mary Cockman Fidler
Jemima Unwin wed 1850 to John Lyon
Jemima Unwin wed 1878 to James Coram
John Henry Emanuel Unwin wed c1886 to Margaret Kenny
Leslie Nathan Unwin wed 1904 to Margaret Ramage
Margaret Unwin wed 1871 to William Allison Clark
Margaret Ellen Unwin wed 1909 to Patrick John Bannon
Mary Ann Unwin wed 1854 to Thomas Wright
Mary Ann Unwin wed 1894 to William Alex Nash
Morton George Unwin wed c1884 to Louisa Mary Hibbard
Nathan Unwin came 1849 on the Maitland with Sarah Jane Goodwin
Nathan Unwin wed 1868 to Jane Stanlake
Nathan Unwin wed 1904 to Reeta Parker
Perceval Frederick Unwin wed 1915 to Bridget Agnes Nolan
Robert Colban Unwin wed 1912 to Hannah Flood
Samuel Charles Unwin wed 1862 to Esther Mary Ann Larkin
Sarah Unwin came 1855 on the Genghis Khan with John South
Sarah Jane Unwin wed c1884 to William Wilson
Susan Unwin wed 1877 to James Bull
Thomas King Unwin wed 1856 to Clara Vaughan
William Unwin wed 1869 to Betsy Hickman
William Unwin wed 1879 to Ellen Sloane
William Unwin wed 1906 to Letitia Agnes Rich
William Henry Unwin wed 1883 to Margaret Bourke
William James Unwin wed 1867 to Ellen Kellher
Ellen Maria Upham wed 1859 to John Fairhall
Margaret Upton came 1854 on the Lord Stanley as Assisted British Immigrants with Thomas Parker Edwards
Eliza Uren came c1870 with Edward Mitchell
Annie Urquhart wed 1885 to John Charles Goddard
Donald Urquhart came 1853 on the Wacousta after the death of Isabella Macdonald
Sarah Urquhart wed 1865 to James Adamson
Victoria Urquhart wed 1867 to Charles Richards
Eliza Anne Usher wed 1877 to James Vernon
Eliza Anne Usher wed 1877 to James Vernon
John Bernard Usher wed 1881 to Grace Gulley
John Clode Usher came c1852 with Sophia Sutton
William Matthew Usher wed 1899 to Flora Black
Harry Ustick wed 1908 to Ann Trickey
Robert Nowell Ustick wed 1875 to Mary Ann Bryant
Kezia Elizabeth Utting wed 1874 to Frank Sperin

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