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   Hi there! I put this Web page together in order  to share a bit of who I am with  you.  I hope if  you have the time you will take a few minutes  to check out my special links listed here on the right  hand side ... I would love for you to send your  comments!
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My Family:
  My parents are Donald & Carol Leaman. However, my dad recently passed away on  Oct.22,2005. I have an older sister (Shannon), a younger sister (Tammy), as well as an older brother (John). 
Hobbies & Interests:
  Well, just a bit about myself.... My Hobbies and Interests include writing poetry,  flower gardening, singing, playing piano, working on the computer, nature walks, decorating, listening to worship music, and volunteering at the Harvest House /Outreach Centre...I also love celebrating holidays ...My favorite colors are purple and pink.
About My Nickname:
  My nickname is Mickey which I received back in 1987. I basically  insisted that everyone called me Mickey when I was a teenager...or else they'd get an ear full!  Although I now like being called by my real name, I really enjoy old friends who still call me Mickey.
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