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Assessment Strategies for Online Expeditions

The complete title of my article was Assessment Strategies for Online
Expeditions, written by Karen L. Rasmussen, PhD

The article I reviewed was about assessment strategies for an online
expedition. Because online expeditions are problem-based it is very
hard to traditionally assess students. Because the nation looks to
teachers to show accountability for their teaching, it is difficult
to alter assessment for online expeditions even though online
expeditions challenge students higher order thinking skills.
Florida's Sunshine state standards have come up with three online
expeditions that are aligned to their state standards.

It is quite difficult to measure higher order thinking skills. The following
are some ways in which online expeditions can be assessed:
checklists, narratives, and rubrics. These possible assessments
align with their state standards. I really liked the expeditions
that were chosen by Florida. Florida recognized the potential
online expeditions can have when teaching higher order thinking skills.
While students are involved with an online expedition they use
Bloom's Taxonomy, specifically analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.
As I said earlier these are very difficult to access. Although the
article suggests Florida has created an alternative assessment, they
have not shown any examples of a rubric,  a checklist, or a
narrative. They did however give a table with alternative
assessment indicators. The assessment strategies include authentic,
performance, and a portfolio. The indicators are listed next to the
appropriate strategy. Florida has chosen three online expeditions
that teachers are allowed to use with their class. The assessment
alternative indicators are for those specific expeditions. The
article does not suggest if the teacher can choose other online