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Adventure and Exploration.  (n.d.).  Retrieved on March 15, 2004 from


This website offers adventure online expeditions for students to get involved individually or with a class.  This site offers links to adventure handbooks and maps.  This site prepares the student to investigate everything they would need for an outdoor adventure.



Adventure Learning Foundation.  (n.d.).  Retrieved on March 15, 2004 from


This site is an internet-based non-profit organization that provides curricular materials to educators.  This site provides cultural travels for the students.  This site provides the students with a greater understanding of different cultures around the world.



Amazon 2003.  (n.d.).  Retrieved on February 17, 2004 from


This site offers an online expedition to the Amazon.  This site engages students in real environmental issues as well as cultural issues.  The students follow the expedition while reading daily journals and viewing pictures of the expedition.



Classroom Pet Exchange.  (n.d.).  Retrieved on March 15, 2004 from


This program enables students in k-3 to connect with another class via e-mail, the web, and journaling.  A class pet (stuffed animal) will arrive at the school.  The students will teach take the pet home and respond by e-mail and writing a story about their pet in their  journal.  Excellent for enhancing writing skills.



 Creating Webquest Learning Environments.  (n.d.).  Retrieved on March 15, 2004 from


This site helps teachers modify, coproduce, or create webquests to engage in an interactive learning environment.  This site offers many templates and examples to help teachers. 



Curriculum and Technology.  (n.d.).  Retrieved April 5, 2004 from


This site offers many links that lead to incorporating technology into the curriculum.  There are sites for online projects, online games, virtual field trips and many other technological ideas for a curriculum.



Dive in Online Expeditions.  (n.d.).  Retrieved on March 22, 2004 from


This site is a collection of online expeditions that journey into the deep waters of the ocean.  This site has past expeditions as well as a current expedition.  Very informative and easy to navigate.



Eye Spy  (n.d.).  Retrieved on February 23, 2004 from


This project gives students the opportunity to look at a local place in a different way and enables the students to write descriptively about the place.  This site has students that participate from all around the world.  Writings are posted for all to see.



Evaluating a Project  (n.d.).  Retrieved on February 23, 2004 from


This site guides teachers into asking questions from four categories (curriculum, experience, grouping, and grade level).  Teachers should ask and reflect on the questions when evaluating a project or online expedition.



Friends and Flags. (n.d.).  Retrieved March 22, 2004 from


This site promotes multicultural awareness by connecting classrooms from around the world.  This site promotes collaboration between children of every race.  Students from 1-12th  grade can participate for free.  Students communicate through email and chat rooms in order to participate in peace chain poems, writing corner, photo albums and more.  Excellent site for students and multiculturalism.



Friendship Through Education.  (n.d.).  Retrieved March 22, 2004 from


This site helps teachers prepare and plan for a project with tips on project based-learning.  This site has focused on reopening schools in Afghanistan by having fund raisers for the Afghan students.  This site helps students communicate with other students from around the world while helping others.



Global Online Adventure Learning Site.  (n.d.).  Retrieved April 5, 2004 from


This site has a collection of sailing expeditions that can be used in the classroom.  Teachers guides are included for each expedition.



Interactive Projects and Classroom Applications.  (n.d.).  Retrieved April 5, 2004 from


This is a collection of internet-based projects that have been developed for students and teachers.  Students and teachers can join anytime.  This site also offers links to sites that allow you to make your own online project.



Internet-ize Your Classroom.  (n.d.).  Retrieved April 5, 2004 from


This site helps teachers include the internet into their lesson plans.  Teachers learn how to use the internet and incorporate it into their curriculum.  There are many links to guide teachers on how to use the internet by using project based learning.



Journey North-Global Study of Wildlife Migration.  (n.d.).  Retrieved April 5, 2004 from


This site engages students in a global study of wildlife migration and seasonal change.  Students share their field migration with students across North America.  This site is excellent for tracking butterfly migration, bald eagles, hummingbirds, and many other animals.  It also tracks the growth of budding plants, changing sunlight and other natural events.  Excellent site for students to track nature.



Letters to Santa.  (n.d.).  Retrieved April 5, 2004 from


This is a letter writing site in which students write to Santa.  This strengthens students’ writing abilities.  Younger students write to Santa (older students) and Santa (older students) responds.  This is done through email.



Life on the Streets.  (n.d.).  Retrieved April 5, 2004 from



This website was created by a team of San Diego students who were homeless at one time.  This project is told through the eyes of the youth.  Students post their ideas and meanings of being homeless.  This site is interactive and makes students aware that there are ways to help and understand the homeless.



Polar Husky.  (n.d.).  Retrieved April 10, 2004 from


This is an ongoing online expedition of polar huskies in the Tundra.  Students follow the expedition and track the climate change and dogsled the territory of the Nunavut.  Students are actively involved with other students, researchers and explorers in the field.



Postcard Geograqphy.  (n.d.).  Retrieved April 10, 2004 from


This project is offered to classrooms all over the world.  Students can make their own postcards and describe the community in pictures and words.  This site offers teacher suggestions to use with the postcard geography project.



Project Exploration.  (n.d.).  Retrieved March 22, 2004 from


Project Exploration involves students and the public in scientific discovery.  It connects students to interactive exhibits, labs, unique science programs and real scientists.  The goal of this project is to make science accessible to the public with a focus on city kids and girls.



Show Me How 2 Learn Together.  (n.d.).  Retrieved March 22, 2004 from



This site helps teachers create and implement a collaborative classroom.  This site gives links to help teachers understand reasons, ideas, and ways to determine a curricular focus. 



Take Your Class Around The Word.  (n.d.).  Retrieved April 5, 2004 from



This site follows the day to day struggles and triumphs of scientists.  There is also a quest website which tracks each expedition from the mountain tops or under seas. 



Tomorrows Technology Teachers.  (n.d.).  Retrieved March 5, 2004 from



This site is a compilation of expeditions and adventures.  The expedition/adventure provide field reports with images and some with audio and video.  This site offers links to other technology sites for the classroom and teacher.



Ukunda Project.  (n.d.).  Retrieved April 5, 2004 from



A School in Ukunda is visited and the project involves helping the school receive things such as building materials, and school resources.  Part of this project involves raising money for the school.



Xpeditions Geography Standards in Your Classroom.  (n.d.).  Retrieved April 5, 2004 from


Xpeditions is the home of the US geography standards.  This site offers tools and many ideas  to bring interactive adventures to life.  There are teacher tested lesson plans according to grade level.  Some of the resources are a virtual museum, online games, and atlas maps to use with the expeditions.