This is Mike Hall's home page. The page is best viewed from a Macintosh, or at least with a Mac bigoted attitude.

Hello World!

Earth Image

Earth Image The best Hello World I've seen is here. This was Martin Minow's SunSphere applet. I put a little time into recovering it from the most current source I could find. Still hacked (up) and needs work. Which is SunSphereSrc.jar here. This currently uses MinML. A minimal XML parser from here

Another nice java planetarium type applet is sky view cafe here.

I am currently looking for work if you have any or know of any. My resume.

NEW for what it's worth my blogs

New as far as java goes would be the Sunday Sudoku Solver or the even newer ElectionGames.

My Java Source Last update 08.14.05

NOTE: I am temporarily keeping current JNIDirect here.

UPDATE: I am finally getting current JNIDirect back to the SourceForge project. Currently updating cvs and build processes

Some Recommended Reading

I have put a list of some fairly recently read books that were worth the read using Google docs here

Java and related
Magic Bulletin The truth and a lot of other stuff is out there.
Chess Using xboard for gnuchess on OS/X.

  Chess News:World Chess Championship Match - Elista - 2006 V.TOPALOV - V.KRAMNIK game 2 final position

game 2 final position Kramnik is the champion!
Kramnik 8 1/2 - Topalov 7 1/2. Tiebreaker score Kramnik 2 1/2 - Topalov 1 1/2
Position is from the Kramnik win as white in the final tie-break game.

Chess Links

Chess cafe
To play - FICS Free Internet Chess Server
Online chess games database
Chess openings wikipedia You can figure out what game 1 was. I'm not big on QP
Just came across this one. Daily Dirt Chess Blog match related and chess trash talk?
A new link. The Week In Chess (twic). Still has the game as pgn, although gnuchess chokes on it.
The match site has switched to Flash?

Chess Anecdote:The World of Chess - Saidy, Lessing
Is it possible to cheat at chess?
This story has relevance for everyone familiar with the "touch-move" rule in chess. The rule requires that a player touching a piece must move it. If he merely wishes to rectify the placement of the piece on the square, he says before he touches it, "J'adoube," or "I adjust." [...] Needless to say, the spirit of this chessic courtesy is often violated and has caused many a bitter argument. In a tournament game between Matulovic and Bilek in 1970, the former moved a piece, then saw that it would entail the loss of the game. He quickly said "J'adoube" and calmly proceeded to make another move. The astounded Bilek was too stunned to protest and Matulovic went on to win the game. The chess masters who witnessed the incident thereafter referred to Matulovic as "J'adoubeovic."

Thank goodness, nothing like that is possible in internet play.

ipfw without system preferences on OS/X. The download or the documentation firewall.pdf
Miscellaneous and personal interest
Green Bay Packers Jump up and down a little today for your own Lambeau Leap

Another Packers site that rated some TV pixels, which is something like rated some newspaper ink, with the current Favre melodrama going on packergeeks
All Things Green Bay Packers