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since Nov 18, 2003

Mike Bourke - Original Australian Midis

Welcome to my MIDI website. Thanks for stopping by.

It's a strange thing, but outside of music for computer games, most midi music tends to be cover versions of popular music with one or more instruments acting as the "vocal" track. Sometimes excellent and sometimes appalling, the vast majority of midi works out there consist of these "Elevator Muzac" renditions. Original Midi tends to be hard to find, probably due to the requirements of the format. Like anything else creative, there is a substantial learning curve involved in the production of midi-format music, but when you've mastered it, there is very little recognition available of any sort. And less financial reward. But, to an outside observer, the fact is that 99% of what's available are "Elevator Muzac" cover versions - which cheapens the value and esteem placed on originals.
Well, I'm one of the black sheep. I compose original music in the midi format. My creations are intended first and foremost for my own enjoyment of the process of composing; and second, for my own enjoyment of the results. If anyone else likes them, that's a bonus. But, enough people have told me that they like them - including some "pro" musos - that it is worthwhile making them available to the general public. And that, my friends, is the primary purpose of this website.
So I hope you like what you hear. If not, I'm sorry if I've wasted your time. But please try one of the other tunes, because there's enough variety of style and sound here that there's almost certainly going to be SOMETHING that will appeal.

This website is very much a work in progress. A lot of content is intended to appear here - just as soon as I can get it done! In the meantime, please be patient.....