buk Book taaf Table (N.B. This word used to to be tix but has been changed) has House, Building (any type of shelter) bed Bed, Cot (anything that is slept on) far Father mer Mother son Son zon Sun maan Moon ster Star vant Wall stul Chair, Stool, Bench (any kind of seat) dek Blanket, Sheet, Tarp, Lid, Cap (any covering) red Red (any shade or tint) gen Green (any green) gron Ground, Floor (any surface that supports) kes Box, Case, (anything meant to or containing something) rad Radio (the device, the medium, the wave, etc.) tev Television (the device, the medium, etc.) fon Phone (Verb, Noun and Adjective/Adverb, device, etc.) lit Light (Noun, Bright, to shine, etc.) merk Dark, Darken, (Shade of color, etc.) tak Day, Daytime bilt Picture, Photo, Painting, Drawing, Sketch kat Cat (any cat) sen dog (any dog) rum Room (as in bedroom not as in space) ram Window kom Come get Go, Walk, Travel, Work (as in it works) kul Hill, Mountain big Big, Large, Huge kel Small, Little, Petite, etc. ie Yes na No (comes after word or clause it modifies) me But, Yet, However or Or sef Self klok Clock, watch (any time-keeping device) kar Car, Truck, etc. (any powered vehicle used to carry passengers or cargo) tren Train plen Plane, Helicopter, etc. (any powered flight vehicle) him Sky, Outer Space in In foor Front, Forward akt Back, Backward kaant Side, Flank, Sideways verk To work, Working, Job af On top of stet to stand, stand, standing, etc. sit Sit vo Where va What klor Color vi Who ko How, in what or that way spek Speak, Talk, Speech, Language, Converse, Conversation and Other, Else fil Many, A lot, much frend Friend naam Name, Be named, To name or call Hee Hello hemt Shirt shuu Shoe gud Good pliz Please dank Thanks denk Think, Thought mul mul ven If zuk Visit velk Welcome kiis Choose, select 'le' placed after a word, clause or sentence indicates a question 'ne' indicates uncertainty or doubt 'ni' indicates intention and if necessary can be used to indicate the future Note: There are no verb tenses and Capital letters aren't used. Lesson Two