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MUL has expanded its vocabulary and particle words which I will add shortly

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I have began creating new words and particles, only 2 particles have been added so far they are: te and gi see lesson 2 for definitions added on 2006/06/22.

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A new conlang concept using only vowels and tones

Mikeheavy's Monosyllabic Universal Language

for international communication

Monosyllabic Universal Language or Mul for short is a conlang (constructed language) which attempts to:

  • Be As monosyllabic as possible.
  • Easy to learn, speak, understand and use.
  • Have minimal grammar and yet have optional grammar that can be used for clarification if necessary.
  • Have minimal vocabulary.
  • have minimal verbs.
  • Have verbs with no aspect, person, tense, number or gender.
  • Use mood particles/words which can modify the meaning of a word, clause or sentence.
  • Be based mainly on the Germanic language family, especially English, German and Dutch but I've even borrowed from Gothic, Old Saxon, and Norse. The reasons for which I give below.
  • Be a quick and efficient means of speech.
  • And many more things....

The latest project of mine is novesperant, click to view


Lesson One
Lesson Two
Lesson Three
Lesson Four
More mul words
And just a few more
glossary (Includes many new additions to the mul language)
Glossary Page 2
Language links

Translators and Dictionaries
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The reason I decided to mainly draw from the germanic languages are:

  1. large numbers of people speak and/or understand them.
  2. Bad grammar doesn't easily obscure meaning.
  3. One step at time. Why try to have the world know a single lingua franca. An infant has to crawl before it can walk. So make one conlang for each of the major language families first and then develop something out of that.

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