Twister - My Review

By Mike Holmes

Twister is really neat!
12/09/00 05:28 pm EST
rating: *****
I really like Twister a lot! Bill Paxton did a good job as Bill Harding. Cary Elwes did a good job as Dr. Jonas Miller. It’s truly based on the trills of tornado chasing. It has fantastic eye popping digital effects. The storms looked very real. I’ve always loved storms and their effects. I really like the flying cow! I saw it on video and I thought it was great. I didn’t know that waterspouts could be that powerful very cool! What a great movie. Jan De Bont did a very good job of directing. Mark Mancinia did a very a job on the orchistion. Helen Hunt was great as she did the role of Jo Harding. Thank to the idea of Toto they called it Dorothy in Twister. What a GREAT movie this is. Phillope Hoffmen did a great job taking the role of Dusty. Alen Ruck did a good job as Rabbit. Tornadoes are really cool! My favorite scenes were when they were driving out to the tornadoes. Whenever I see a thunder cloud I always hope there’s lightning, strong winds etc. I wish Twister had novel. I’ve seen Twister many times and I really like it a lot! Helen Hunt did a great job in the fight scene.

---- By Mike Holmes