Twister - The Movie Story

Chapter 1

Once upon a time in the state of Oklahoma there was a girl who lived with her parents. She and her parents knew twisters well that was why they had a storm cellar out in their front yard.

One night the girl and her parents were just sitting down in the living room a storm came up!

" Joe come on"! Her mother shouted, " I hear a twister comin"! They ran out to their storm cellar!

" Get in"! Her dad shouted. Her dad slammed the door and the twister hit it! WOOSH! The door was almost off it’s hinges!

" I can’t hang on much longer"! Her dad shouted over the roar of the wind!

" Daddy"! Joe shouted.

" AHH"! Her dad screamed as he was blown away!

" Everything’s going to be o kay"! Joe told her dog. Because I’m going to

tornado chase when I grow up! Joe thought.

Chapter 2

After Joe grow up she joined a Storm Chasing team her husband was joining as well. Joe’s husband’s name was Bill.

" Well look at what we have here"! Bill exclaimed, " The Storm Chasers"! One of the Storm Chasers who’s name was Dusty ran over to greet the new comers!

" So nice to you Bill", said Dusty, " Who’s this"?

" This is my girl friend Joe", Bill replied.

" Oh my goodness"! Another Chaser exclaimed, " Check out the sky Bill"! Dark clouds rumbled across it and streaks of lightning could be seen!

" Let’s go"! Another Storm Chaser shouted.

" Lets sign these papers", Bill said to Joe.

" Come on Bill"! Dusty shouted.

" We’ll sign them later"! Joe replied.

Chapter 3

Bill’s wife sat in the back seat of one of the Chase Vans followed by Joe and Bill.

" Oh my goodness"! Melissa exclaimed. " Those clouds are pretty ominous"!

" No tornadoes yet", Bill said. They stopped at a Burger Place and ate and talked. Bill starred out at the thunder heads.

This is going to be a good chase! He thought. All of a sudden he a chaser named Joenuss Miller bragging about his Dorothy instrument!

" This weather instrument will put us in stile"! He told the onlookers. Bill stormed over to Joeness and pushed him down!

The two chasers got in a fist fight but Dusty and the other chasers pulled Bill away from Joeneuss!

" You’re trying to steal my Dorothy instrument"! Bill shouted.

" What on earth are you talking about"?! Joenuss demanded

" What has gotten into you man"? A Chaser demanded.

" That guy was trying to steal our Dorothy instrument that’s what"! Bill yelled.

" We’ve got a tornado to chase it’s an F.3.! Dusty shouted, " Come on Bill"!

Chapter 4

Once again Bill and his chase team were chasing another twister!

" Ye Ha"! Dusty shouted, " What a twister"!

" O-O h my goodness I-I can’t talk right now"! Bill’s wife said into her Cell Phone, " I’m chasing tornadoes with my husband Bill and his chase team I’ll call back later Ok". POUND POUND! Hail pounded the vehicles!

" I can’t see the silly thing"! A chaser shouted.

" There it is"! Bill shouted.

" Oh my goodness"! Bill’s wife exclaimed. " AHH"! She screamed. The chasers got out of their trucks and other vehicles taking cameras and tripods with them.

" Here’s our picture"! Bill shouted. WOOSH! The tornado blew Joe’s and Bill’s umbrella inside out!

" What a storm"! Dusty exclaimed. Joe walked up to the Storm Chasers,

" Guys this is just the beginning"! She said.

" I just saw two tornadoes touch down"! A Storm Chaser informed Bill over his C.B. radio.

" Oh my goodness"! Melissa exclaimed.

" How about a pit stop"? One of the chasers asked Joe.

" No"! Joe replied with a laugh.

" Foood Foood Foood"! The chasers shouted.

" One more time"! Joe laughed, " We’re not going"!

" Please"? They begged.

Chapter 5

" Ok", Joe said, " We’ll go"! Joe replied.

" YEA"! Dusty shouted. The drove their Chase Trucks to the town of Walkitta were Joe’s aunt Meg lived.

" Hello honey"! Meg said joyfully as Joe and the other Tornado Chasers ran up to meat her. Once in Meg’s house the Tornado Chasers sat down at Meg’s dinner table for a steak and potato dinner and some tornado stories.

" Ok hang on a minute", Dusty began, " This guy walks over to the tornado and says have a drink and the tornado sucks the water right up and the empty bottle falls back to the ground"!

My goodness! Melissa thought. These guys sure can tell crazy stories! The TV was on the Tornado Chasers were watching it intently.

" Tornadoes have destroyed this small town", the new guy said. Joenuss Miller was on the TV

" And how do you like this busyness"? The news guy asked tentatively.

" BOOOO"! Dusty and the other chasers shouted.

" I think it’s fine"! Joeness replied.

" We’ve major storm activity"! A chaser announced.

" Ok we’re packing up let’s go"! Joenuss ordered.

You better not be on TV again Joeness! Dusty thought.

Chapter 6

" Are you sure you’ll be fine"? Melissa asked.

" I’ll be perfectly fine", Meg reassured her as she handed her a bag of food.

I’ll give this to Dusty, Melissa thought. They drove off to chase the tornadoes. The clouds were dark and menacing as they drove down the high way.

" Touch down"! Dusty cried.

" Tornado on the ground"! A chaser responded. The tornado was right ahead!

" Oh my goodness"! Melissa gasped in fright.

" It’s headed right for us"! Bill gasped. " I have to get a good picture"!

Oh no! Dusty thought. Joenus is trying to run me off the road!

" Let’s see if we can make Dorothy fly"! Bill said. Bill climbed out the back of the truck. He pushed Dorothy off the back of the truck! Dorothy hit the ground with a thump!

Chapter 7

That night Bill was waiting at a milk shake stand when Melissa said,

" Honey I’m going to my house".

" Why"? Bill asked.

" Honey it’s because I will be safer there", Melissa replied.

" I’m getting some milk shakes honey", Bill said.

" Ok honey", Melissa replied. " Bye"! Melissa gave her husband a big hug. Melissa walked to her house.

" Bill"! Dusty exclaimed. " Come and see this"!

" What"? Bill asked.

" Major tornado activity"! Dusty exclaimed.

In her house Melissa lay in her bed starring at the TV watching the news.

" There’s a tornado warning up for the Oklahoma and Kansas area"! The new guy announced.

I hope my husband’s okay! Melissa thought. All of a sudden her drapes began to ruffle an F.5 tornado was headed her way!

Oh oh! She thought. Bill was at the milk shake stand when he heard a roaring noise!

" IT’S COMING"! Bill screamed. " GET UNDER GROUND"! The milk shake people ran toward the opening that led under ground. Everybody ran under ground! Boards and cars were flying everywhere! All of a sudden a hose blew free and hit one of the Storm Chasers in the head! Another chaser grabbed the hose and hung on.

" My head"! A storm chaser shouted.

" It’s okay", Joe reassured him.

After the twister had gone the storm chasers and the other people climbed out from underground.

" Bill"! A chaser announced. " There’s a tornado that’s expected to hit Walkitta head on"!

" Meg"! Bill gasped. Bill turned to the other chasers.

" Let’s go"! He ordered.

The tornado chasers drove to Walkitta and found the town destroyed. Joe saw a girl standing next to her parents she was very sad. Joe felt a pang of sadness deep in her heart. Suddenly Bill spotted Meg’s house it was totally destroyed.

" Meg"! Bill shouted jumping out of the van. Joe jumped of the van with Bill.

They climbed onto Meg’s house.

" Meg"! Bill shouted again. No answer.

" MEG"! Bill screamed. All of a sudden Joe heard moans and groans coming from the bottom of the wrecked house.

" Meg’s down here"! Joe called to Bill. Joe and Bill climbed inside and went down to the bottom of the wrecked house and saw Meg and her dog. Meg was under a board wounded and her dog was sitting next to her. Meg was bleeding all over.

" I didn’t get any warning Joe"! Meg moaned.

" It’s okay", Joe reassured her.

" Joe , Bill", Meg said. " Can you please get this board off me"?

" Sure"! Bill replied.

" Thank you very much you two", Meg said.

" How are you feeling Meg"? Bill asked.

" I’m fine", Meg replied. All of a sudden they heard a cracking sound.

" Let’s get out of here"! Bill exclaimed. " The house is caving in"! Once outside some Paramedics moved Meg onto a stretcher.

Tears began to run out of Joe’s eyes. She ran over to Meg.

" What’s wrong child"’? Meg asked.

" Oh it’s because you’re hurt that’s all"! Joe admitted.

" Listen child", Meg said. " You’ve been chasing these things since you were five-years-old. Go do it. Go stop it".

" Okay", Joe said. " I will".

" Come on Joe"! A chaser called

The next day the chase trucks drove toward a huge tornado and Joenuss was running chasers off the road. Suddenly Bill and Joe turned onto another road that led to a cornfield.

" We have to get Dorothy up in the air"! Bill shouted.

" We have to let the truck go"! Joe shouted back.

" Okay"! Bill shouted back. " One two three jump"! Joe and Bill jumped out of the truck and into to the corn field.

" RUN"! Bill screamed.

There goes my truck! Joe thought.

" We have to find shelter"! Bill shouted to Joe. They ran inside a shed.

Sharp things blew back and fourth inside the shed.

" Who are these people"? Bill and Joe wondered.

" LET’S GET OUT OF HERE"! Bill screamed to Joe. They ran to another shed. This one had horse slings in the ground.

" HANG ON"! Bill screamed to Joe. The wrapped the horse slings around their bodies.

The tornado hit the shed blowing it to pieces! Suddenly the tornado began to dissipate, the sky cleared and sprinklers went on, people began emerging from their cellars. Joe and Bill untied themselves, they saw the other tornado chasers driving down the road toward them.

" Joe, Bill check out the sky"! A chaser said with a laugh.

" I think we’ve seen enough", Joe said. " More then enough".

The End