Answering Challenges to the Bible 

My responses to some common Bible questions 
by "Mike M" 


Why the Bible Rings True

The Hank Parodies

Hitler (Was he a Christian?)

What the...?

God is love. However, there are some who loudly claim that the Bible shows not that God is love, but that God is cruel, immoral, and tyrannical. These Bible critics point to places in the Bible where God brings judgment upon people as evidence that God is not love. What they don't realize is that God's judgment and wrath are actually signs of his love.

Every good father knows how his great love for his children would make him enraged against anyone who would try to hurt those children. It's the same with God. Although He is very patient and merciful, God does feel great anger over the sins that cause us to hurt one another so terribly.

On this page are a few articles answering some common challenges to the Bible.


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Why the Bible Rings True (Is there evidence that the Bible is true?)

Embodied Truth (Does the Bible contain errors?)

Moses' Socks and Rabbits' Cud (What is the importance of Bible errors--if any?)

Slavery, Divorce, and Other Human Weaknesses (Why does God allow these things in the Bible?)

Is the God of the Bible Cruel and Immoral?

The Second Coming (Did Jesus incorrectly predict it?)

The Law (What does it mean for Christians?)

A Conversation with Carl Sagan

The Wabbett Test

The Bible-Hater's Bible Commentary

Fun with "God-Haters"


Critique of Bob Enyart's "Plot of the Bible"


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