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Robby Rockrat
on S.T.A.N.C. aka Mr. Smoothie V4***
Location: East Face of The Island Block, Rim Road

Chalk Warning: Please try to minimally use chalk. Be considerate of others by brushing off chalk after you are done with a boulder problem. Large chalk spots on the rock are unsightly and do get negative reactions from Park Staff, boulderers and other McConnell's visitors.

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The Mills Bouldering website brings the bouldering of the area surrounding McConnell's Mill State Park, Pennsylvania to the web. There are many boulder problems scattered through out the park and beyond. The rock is a classic gritty sandstone that offers vertical and traverse problems. The Rim Road area, a rock city of sorts, is the most accessible and the most popular bouldering area.

The Mill has captured the attention of several generations of local climbers since the 1940's. Bouldering as a sport in the Park can be traced back to the early 1970's. Starting with Ross Boulder - V0 established around 1970, through the rarely repeated Birthday Boulder - V5, in 1981 to one of the latest additions a thin traverse named The Big Gundown / The Fridgidaire Traverse - V7/8 in 1999. One of the newer of the many more obscure problems is a 12 foot off-width ceiling crack named Gotta Want It - V4.

Photo submissions may be sent one at a time in the format of 100 dpi jpg scans to: Be sure to include a complete written description with photo credits and a contact e-mail address.

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