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Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!
This site is a Role-Playing Game devoted to the world of JK Rowling's Harry Potter! In it, you play a student attending Hogwarts. This Role-Playing Game begins AFTER Harry Potter and his friends have graduated. It is time for a new generation of Hogwarts Heroes, and you could be one of them!

UPDATE (09 January 2005) Ok! After a rather long hiatus, the reins have once again been seized! Under new management, hopefully things will pick up quickly and the oldest remaining Harry Potter roleplay site on the world wide web will once again breathe life! As any oldbies around can see, we're pretty much sticking with the traditional layout- however, due to passwording issues, the actual boards themselves are moving!
There will be alot of changes happening, including movements in the storyline and major updates to the students and players on the site! New members are of course a hundred times more than welcome!
Stay tuned... more updates soon!

Hogwarts Owlery will provide you with a free e-mail address! Check it out below!

You want to enroll? Please READ THE STUDENT HANDBOOK before filling out a Sorting Hat application!!! Then go the Sorting Hat to be sorted into your school house. Once you receive your acceptance letter, you can begin posting in the roleplay forum. Also, check the student handbook before you send an owl to the headmaster.

NOTE: DO not be surprised if your application takes more than a week or process. It takes time to read through each one AS WELL AS run the site. Unfortunately, not all applications will be accepted. Please take time to fill out your application completely. Applications with incomplete e-mail addresses and spaces left blank will be discarded. You will stand a much better chance of acceptance if your application is detailed. As soon as you receive notification of your acceptance, feel free to start role-playing on the message boards. Thank you.


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