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TerrorStorm Video Online

Throughout history, criminal elements inside governments have carried out terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them. TerrorStorm reveals how, in the last hundred years, Western leaders have repeatedly murdered their own citizens while posing as their saviors. In TerrorStorm you will discover that September 11th, the attacks of 7/7 in London, and many other terrorist events were self-inflicted wounds. You will witness British Special Forces troops caught in the act of staging terror attacks in Iraq and see official US government documents laying out plans to hijack passenger planes by remote control. You will learn how the Reichstag fire, the Gulf of Tonkin, and the US-backed Iranian coup of 1953 are all interconnected false-flag terror events.

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The March to War

We bring to the attention of our readers, this carefully documented review of the ongoing naval build-up and deployment of coalition forces in the Middle East. The article examines the geopolitics behind this military deployment and its relationship to "the Battle for Oil". The structure of military alliances is crucial to an understanding of these war preparations. The naval deployment is taking place in two distinct theaters: the Persian Gulf and the Eastern Mediterranean.


Chemical weapons use in Fallujah

US attack on Fallujah breaking international law of human rights by the use of hemical weapons filmed and edited by Italian journalists.
This is a video steam that can be watched for free trough google video.

Loose change 2nd edition *911 video docu

Very well put together documentary video about the 911 attackt on the WTC.
This is a video steam that can be watched for free trough google video.

Scalar wars
The implications of successful engineering of the longitudinal waves are enormous, and will change the world as we know it, one way or another. Among other things, these discoveries mean that:

1. The solutions to the energy crisis and the "oil problem" are in hand. These oil wars are unnecessary. There is endless energy available freely from the domain of time.

2. Unbelievably powerful weapons are not only possible, but are already operating in several nations. The many powers of these weapons are unprecedented and mind-boggling.

3. The cure of diseases such as cancer and AIDS, in fact nearly any disease, has become possible within a few years of sufficient funding. Everyone can be made healthy and stay healthy.

4. Mind control on a mass scale has now become possible, and the machines to do it are already in place in certain nations. It has become possible to mentally enslave whole populations with the twist of a few dials.

Was Katrina realy a tornado 200 miles wide ?
posted some of the above information about the delay in information on Soon after, we received an email which was meant to be from someone who saw the reports from the Hurricane Hunters (the airplanes that fly directly into hurricanes to collect data). This person said that Hurricane Katrina was really a TORNADO - 200 MILES wide

The State Department cites websites such as as "MISINFORMATION"
Of course I am being sarcastic. The State Department cites websites such as as "MISINFORMATION". The majority of material on consists of mainstream media reports which are well written by good journalists, but are simply not seen on the nightly news. The majority of the subject matter on Rense is often also covered on Prison Planet and Infowars, so by attacking Rense as a source of "unreliable information", The State Department is also attacking us.

Microchip Implants, Mind Control, and Cybernetics
The NSA's electronic surveillance system can simultaneously follow and handle millions of people. Each of us has a unique bioelectrical resonance frequency in the brain, just as we have unique fingerprints. With electromagnetic frequency (EMF) brain stimulation fully coded, pulsating electromagnetic signals can be sent to the brain, causing the desired voice and visual effects to be experienced by the target. This is a form of electronic warfare. U.S. astronauts were implanted before they were sent into space so their thoughts could be followed and all their emotions could be registered 24 hours a day.

U.S. Prisons are slave labour factories
History teaches us that slavery was abolished in the United States after the Civil War. History has taught us wrong. Slavery was never abolished in the United States. Go ahead, take a look at the Constitution. The 13th Amendment reads as follows: "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude except as a punishment for a crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted shall exist within the United States." That means that if you've been convicted of a crime, you are legally allowed to be a slave.

Mind control the ultimate terror
The plans to create a mind controlled workers society have been in place for a long time. The current technology grew out of experiments that the Nazis started before World War II and intensified during the time of the Nazi concentration camps when an unlimited supply of children and adults were available for experimentation. We've heard about the inhumane medical experiments performed on concentration camp prisoners, but no word was ever mentioned by the media and the TV documentaries of the mind control experiments. That was not to be divulged to the American public. Mind control technologies can be broadly divided into two subsets: trauma-based or electronic-based.

Mind Control in the U.K.

Precisely modulated microwave radiation is used to influence brain function. Human behaviour and reactions can be entirely controlled by using pulse modulated microwave EM radiation. Pulse modulated microwaves are useful as the carrier for the mind control signals as they are able to pass through the skull, which is rather resistant to low level EM. The massive number of microwave antennae that dot the country, some of which are used for the microwave phone network, all use pulse modulated microwaves, which makes their use for a strategic mind control device against the civilian population in times of trouble, or rioting, crucial to modifying the behaviour of the general population.


Aspartame Death

"I started calling everyone on my list to ask if they drank diet soda. Every one of them did, except one or two. Could there be a connection? It seemed too coincidental. I stepped up my surveys to see just how prevalent the usage of diet sodas were in this area, and if all the symptoms on this brochure could be true!! What I discovered was astounding to say the least! A cold chill went over me. American was being poisoned on a national level!! How could this be? How could something so devastating be on the market? "

Greenpeace researcher uncovers chilling patent plans

"Monsanto files patent for new invention: the pig. In the crop department, Monsanto is well on their way to dictating what consumers will eat, what farmers will grow, and how much Monsanto will get paid for seeds. In some cases those seeds are designed not to reproduce sowable offspring. In others, a flock of lawyers stand ready to swoop down on farmers who illegally, or even unknowingly, end up with Monsanto's private property growing in their fields. "

Second WTC Janitor Comes Forward With Eye-Witness Testimony Of 'Bomb-Like' Explosion in North Tower Basement

A second WTC maintenance worker has now come forward with eye-witness testimony that a massive explosion erupted in the lower levels of the north tower at approximately the same time the jetliner struck the tower’s top floors. Jose Sanchez, 45, of New Jersey in a never-released tape recorded statement made in early 2002 to William Rodriguez, the first WTC maintenance man to claim a bomb exploded in the north tower basement, said he heard what sounded like a “huge bomb,” causing lights to flicker on and off, while he worked in a small sub-level 4 workshop.

"The war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous. Hierarchical society is only possible on the basis of poverty and ignorance. This new version is the past and no different past can ever have existed. In principle the war effort is always planned to keep society on the brink of starvation. The war is waged by the ruling group against its own subjects and its object is not the victory over either Eurasia or East Asia, but to keep the very structure of society intact."
George Orwell (1903 - 1950)

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Londoners Suspicious Of Station Closures Before Blasts

Internet forums are not the benchmark of absolute truth and unlike the government, who eagerly rush to give credibility to an 'Al-Qaeda' statement as soon as a Bush-linked Internet company can post it, we do not offer this as concrete proof of anything. However, it is interesting nonetheless. Several different people on the forum of the London Evening Standard website are reporting their own perculiar experiences on the day of the bombing.

Moon with a View

So, apropos of this “impossible image” (above) … what have we got? What we’ve “got” is a unique, extraordinary object orbiting Saturn … again, the singularly most important object (I would argue -- the “Face on Mars” now notwithstanding) that NASA has found in its almost half a century of looking! The “Holy Grail” of all our Hopes and Dreams … the culmination of centuries of planetary observation/expectations …. A “moon” -- but a moon like no other known, one which has intrigued and mystified Earthbound astronomers for centuries … which now, it turns out, is quite possibly a very ancient spaceship … placed in orbit around Saturn for “some reason” … a long, long time ago.

US Declares Iraqis Must Destroy Their Own Seeds

"The American Administrator of the Iraqi CPA (Coalition Provisional Authority) government, Paul Bremer, updated Iraq's intellectual property law to 'meet current internationally-recognized standards of protection'. The updated law makes saving seeds for next year's harvest, practiced by 97% of Iraqi farmers in 2002, and is the standard farming practice for thousands of years across human civilizations, to be now illegal.. Instead, farmers will have to obtain a yearly license for genetically modified (GM) seeds from American corporations. These GM seeds have typically been modified from seeds developed over thousands of generations by indigenous farmers like the Iraqis, and shared freely like agricultural 'open source.'"


PSYCHOPOLITICS - the art and science of asserting and maintaining dominion over the thoughts and loyalties of individuals, officers, bureaus, and masses, and the effecting of the conquest of enemy nations through "mental healing."

Stop Child Rape Network

Certain Clandestine Networks within our Government authorities who have created and are running our social structure, are psychologically, emotionally and sexually abusing our children. These authorities are presently being exposed and FULL public awareness of ALL those involved in this horrendous atrocity by our Worldwide Masonic Secret Society-run social system, is only a matter of time.

Tearing Down the NWO Strongholds

There is Danger in the Cell Phone and other anomalous Towers popping up all over the place and I'm going to tell you how to prevent their effects with Orgone Blasters and how to get rid of chemtrails and keep them away from your yard and/or neighborhood, town, city or state. Stop the Madness!! Stop the NWO from trying to Control Your Moods and Thoughts!! Stop ELF Harassment!!

Reopen 9/11

We are a group of individuals brought together byJimmy Walter, dedicated to opening a real investigation into the the tragic attacks on September 11, 2001. Read Mr Walter's Open Letter on 9/11. Watch his introduction to our FREE video, "Confronting the Evidence: A Call to Reopen the 911 Investigation."

Pictures from the destruction in Fallujah

Picture albums from Iraq so we can all see how it looks over there now. This gives a different image than the propaganda stream of marching armies. Real people are beeing bombarded every day. Mostly it is normal everyday people that are beeing hit by these bombs and not many military targets as these pictures show.

Robo-Soldier Ready for Combat Deployment to Iraq for Urban Warfare/CI Ops

This article contains the first digital photo of a camouflaged/combat-ready/field-ready Foster-Miller Armed/Weaponized Talon Robot/UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle), a.k.a. SWORDS robot of which DefenseReview is aware. The weapon attached to the Talon Robot/SWORDS robot in the pic would appear to be an AT4 anti-armor/anti-tank weapon (ATW) (i.e. rocket launcher)

More Grave Cell Phone Dangers Revealed

"The risk is extremely high," declares Dr. Cherry. "There are 66 epidemiological studies showing that electromagnetic radiation across the spectrum increase brain tumors in human populations. Two of those studies are for particular brain tumors from cell phones."

Can You Imagine?: Hussein Was Right & Bush Was Wrong

Over and over, George Bush told us that Saddam Hussein was lying, that he was dragging his feet, that Iraq had dangerous weapons, that Hussein was a threat to the whole world, Now here we are, over two years later. What have we learned?
The hunt for Weapons of Mass Destruction has turned up exactly nothing, and so the hunt has been called off.
Everything Hussein said about the weapons has turned out to be true.
Everything George Bush said about Iraq's weapons has turned out to be false.

Drunvalo on DNA

Drunvalo: Well there are 3 different kinds of children emerging in the world today that I have been able to identify. The first are called the "Super Psychic Children of China". The second are called the "Indigo Children" and the third are called the "Children of AIDS". The first one, the "Super Psychics of China", we talked about in the Flower of Life seminars. If you remember, the first one was discovered in 1984 when a child was found who was psychic beyond belief. Researchers conducted every psychic test you could imagine and he was 100% correct every time. You could turn cards over in another room and that didn't matter. He could perfectly know what was on the card. So Omni magazine went to China and wrote an article on this discovery. They found one child and then another.

Do reports about Mars indicate a planet more alive than tought.

Our initial interest in the historical perspective of Mars observation (and Lowell in particular) began after several years of research and discourse on possible alien cultural artifacts being imaged by the Mars Global Surveyor in the late 1990's. Of particular interest was one image showing a triumvirate of immense, seemingly translucent "glass tunnels" diving beneath the surface of Mars, an apparent junction or interchange undeniably Lowellian in nature. Looking for details about Lowell's "canals" seemed an appropriate venue. It has proven interesting.


" Seconds before the South Tower crumbled to its doom, I heard/felt a series of explosions. Same with the North Tower. There was no denying it, I could FEEL the vibrations of them like a small earthquake. Yet when I turned on the news none of the other eyewitnesses commented on this. Indeed, in the days that followed, like many Americans, I remained glued to the news networks to keep myself informed of any developments and confirm what I had witnessed. But despite the numerous eyewitness accounts, there was still no mention of the explosions. I decided to examine the evidence for myself…"

Subliminal Advertising 20th Century Brainwashing

To protect the brain from sensory overload, our perceptual defense mechanism distinguishes every perception into figure (foreground, subject) and ground (background, environment). We consciously notice the figure, while the ground floats around it unless something there brings it to the foreground. Perceptual psychologist Dr. E. Rubin created his famous Rubin's Profiles that can be found in almost every psychology text book today. His profiles, the faces and vases, old women and young women, duck and rabbit, are syncretistic (two sided) illusions. Noticing one set of features, you see one thing, while noticing another set of features, you see something else. Advertisers take advantage of this to paint subliminal messages into the picture's background. They are usually cultural taboos, making it even harder for the audience to perceive it.

911 - The Cleveland Airport Mystery

WoodyBox ("Flight 11 - The Twin Flight") new article is yet another groundbreaking analysis. It appears, that the majority of 9/11 Researchers and the 9/11 family members, who lost their loved ones, have to compile a new list of questions about an airport, which didn't receive much attention yet: Cleveland Hopkins, Ohio. Among the disturbing new details are two flights, which apparently had been part of yet another "mirror flight" scenario. "Both" got grounded in Ohio. One of them was Delta1989, the other one was identified as, most shocking: "Flight 93"! But there are also many new questions about some "200 passengers" of that day...

The Draft will Start in June 2005

the Universal National Service Act of 2003, "to provide for the common defense by requiring that all young persons [age 18--26] in the United States, including women, perform a period of military service or a period of civilian service in furtherance of the national defense and homeland security, and for other purposes."

Elementary 9-11

They say a photograph is worth a thousand words. The photos of the Pentagon on that fateful morning clearly show no evidence of airplane debris, nor no hole in the wall big enough to be the imprint of a large airliner. Many windows at the point of impact were not even broken!

Universal Appeal for Support

"TO ALL PEOPLE OF THE WORLD who have open-minded curiosity, good will, good judgment, and imagination. To Scientists and Engineers, Philanthropists, Environmentalists, Energy Developers, High Technology Investors, Healthcare Professionals, Journalists, Artists, Writers, Business People, Entertainers, and Political Leaders. Whether you are Conservative, Liberal, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, or Anarchist, and whether you may be Agnostic, Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Atheist, or some other category of spirituality, this message is directed to all people of good will like you."

3000 Prisoners Slaughtered in Afganastan

There's only one war on our television screens now - that other war, the one from just a year ago, has been forgotten - but not by everyone. In Afghanistan, filmmaker Jamie Doran has uncovered evidence of a massacre: Taliban prisoners of war suffocated in containers, shot in the desert under the watch of American troops.

Interplanetary “Day After Tomorrow?”

The entire solar system - not just our one small planet -- is currently undergoing profound, never-before-seen physical changes. This paper will address and scientifically document a wide variety of significant examples, drawing from a host of published mainstream sources. We will also outline a new scientific model that, for the first time, coherently explains these simultaneous interplanetary changes via a fundamental “new Physics” - a Physics that predicts “even greater anomalies to come”… Here are some highlights:

Mexican DoD Acknowledges UFOs In Mexico

The UFO Phenomenon in Mexico has been recognized as a fact in an historic and unprecedent decision taken by the mexican Department of Defense under his Secretary of Defense General Clemente Vega Garcia, commander of all armed forces in this country.

New Iraqi Prisoner Torture Photos Emerge

More new disgusting images emerged today of Iraqi's being tortured by by members of the 800th Military Police Brigade at the Abu Ghraib Prison. The photos, posted by the Washington Post, have been cropped for publication. That is, the prisoners were naked in the photos.

What the American goverment does not want you to see

Are the American people used as cannon fodder in wars for economic domination of this world ? These people are send to the battle field with out the proper equipment, lots of reservists and other troops dont even get a rifle or even a handgun sometimes. This is comparable with the soldiers who fought for Stalin in the second world war where only one out of so many wold get a rifle to enter battle. People on both sides of the battle are getting slaughtered by the US.


A giant-sized controversy is brewing over a baby adoption special on "20/20" - and sending ABC execs into a tailspin. Millions of viewers across the country watched in surprise over the weekend as the network aired a sensational promo for Friday's segment, which pits five desperate couples against each other for the privilege of adopting a 16-year-old's baby.


"[A]ccording to literature by Silent Sounds , Inc. , it is now possible , using super computers , to analyse human emotional EEG patterns and replicate them, then store these "emotion signature clusters" on another computer and , at will , "silently induce and change the emotional state in a human being".

Alchemical Secrets of The Lord of the Rings

What is it about this book that caused it to be such a sensation? Why does it create such a warmth and resonance in the hearts of its readers? Our answer to these and other questions to be discussed in the course of this article is that Tolkien was aware of the hidden esoteric history of humanity and the powerful influence of the Great Work of Alchemy on European culture.

Was the collapse of WTC 7 a controlled demolition?

Officials said that WTC 7 collapsed around 5:20 p.m., the 3rd WTC to collapse on 9/11, as a result of a fire at ground level making it the first major structure in the United States to collapse from a fire. But did it collapse from a fire, or did it really collapse from a well controlled demolition?

The Legacy of the Nazi Germany-Extraterrestrial Connection

There is compelling evidence that in the early 1930’s, the technology and presence of one or more extraterrestrial (ET) races became known to the leaders of Nazi Germany who embarked on an ambitious effort to communicate with these races for the purpose of acquiring their advanced technology. Using communication techniques that would be widely dismissed today as ‘psychic channeling’, there is evidence that the Nazi sponsorship of occult societies that specialized in this form of communication with these ET races, was successful in gaining information that produced rapid technological breakthroughs that eventually came to the attention of the intelligence services of Britain, France, USSR and the USA.

How Our "Elected" and Appointed Politicians Are Connected By Bloodlines

The following connections are just coincidences, I am sure ...(!)
- - - - -
The Bush/Churchill/Roosevelt Bloodline Connection

The evidence I present in this article suggests that the most plausible explanation of the events surrounding September 11, 2001, is that the Bush Administration was complicit in the terrorist attacks and has orchestrated its cover-up. The sources cited contain extensive detailed information, additional sources, and analysis beyond what is possible to provide in this summary. I hope that this information will incite public outrage leading to full accountability.

"It is my conviction that killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder." --Albert Einstein


The fastest a human beard can grow is 3/4 of an inch per month.

Sars Scam

Rather than public health emergencies, new colds, flus, and pneumonias like the “Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome,” generally called SARS, are best diagnosed as a “Sickening and Repulsive Scams.” This article argues that new unprecedented viral attacks, alternatively, are part of a deepening social experiment featuring institutionalized bioterrorism for widespread psycho-social control. The outcome of this experiment, whether it leads to population reduction or not, depends on you.

Armed Police Invade High School

Surveillance video from Stratford High School in Goose Creek shows 14 officers, some with guns drawn, ordering students to lie the ground as police searched for marijuana. Students who didn't comply with the orders quickly enough were reportedly handcuffed. Police didn't find any criminals in the armed sweep, but they say search dogs smelled drugs on a dozen backpacks.

The Mad Revisionist

The Moon does not exist! This is no lie. Until recently, I, too, believed in the traditional, establishment view of the moon. But any thinking person, untainted by the biases imposed on us by the controlled media, will have no choice but to reach the conclusion I did once faced with the facts described in this account.

US Navy accused for Whale beachings
The whales are struck, while in deep dive, by the US Navy sonar waves that makes them (because of its unbearable power) surface in a hurry...much too fast. This liberates compressed nitrogen in their tissue which expands, destroying their brain.

An attempt to uncover the truth about September 11th
We all know the official story of September 11th: 4 jetliners were hijacked by groups of 4 and 5 Arabic men armed with box cutters, who proceeded to fly 3 of the 4 jets into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. Subsequently the towers, weakened by the impacts and fires, collapsed into piles of rubble. Later in the afternoon 47-story Building 7, also weakened by fire, collapsed. (Or did you miss that detail?) The FBI had compiled a list of hijackers within two days, and it was so obvious that Osama bin Ladin had masterminded the operation from caves in Afghanistan, that there was no need seriously investigate the crime or produce evidence. The 'retaliatory' attack on the Taliban would soon commence. Is this story true? Its central assumptions have never been seriously tested. There are numerous red flags in the official story, which requires a long series of highly improbable coincidences. Questioning that story is an act of responsible citizenship.

At the end of our weather
Britain baked for weeks and the ritual denials rang ever more hollow. Meanwhile, on mainland Europe, crops were dying in the fields, forests were reduced to ashes in firestorms and the death toll in France eventually topped 13,000 (it was 'only' 900 or so in cooler Britain). I marvelled at the paradox; having travelled all around the world in search of the impacts of global warming, the hottest, most searing temperatures I'd experienced were back in Britain. Yes, it was hotter than Tuvalu, than Peru, even the Gobi Desert.

Until 1934, some of the currency of the United States was redeemable in gold or silver
Since the "High Cabal" took over the American monetary system in 1913, with the creation of the "Federal" Reserve System, illegitimate money substitutes--called Federal Reserve Notes--have replaced genuine money and genuine money substitutes. Note that the one dollar bill below does not include "payable to the bearer on demand."

New WTC evidence
More close ups of 9/11 video footage and they are finding several unexplained anomalies like a strange flare, something hanging under the plane and hints of a demolision job on several buildings.

The 'Brain Interface Program'
The 'Brain Interface Program' is the most lavishly funded of nearly all the DARPA bioengineering efforts (the project has been given $24 million for the next two years). It is aimed at developing ways to 'integrate' soldiers into machines -literally- by wiring them (remotely or directly) to their planes, tanks, or computers. An implantable brain chip is now under development in this sick program, which has already proudly demonstrated how rats can be turned into living robots through the manipulation of stimulus-response signals in the brain via electrodes. The Pentagon hopes to use these pathetic, 'modified' creatures (you should see the photos -makes you want to join People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals!) in mine clearance.

Economic War Against the World
Why do Americans accept paper currency in place of real money--gold or silver? Because the government forces them to. Federal Reserve currency has been designated "legal tender" by the government -- that is, it must be accepted. This is what is meant by fiat money--currency or ledger entries that the government forces us to accept as money.

"The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.
~ Albert Einstein

Iran wants US apologise for helping Osama in the past
Iran on Monday hit back at US allegations that it has failed to crack down on fugitive Al-Qaeda members, calling on Washington to apologise to the world for its own past support of the network. "The Americans should present a full apology to the international community for the support they gave to Al-Qaeda," foreign ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi told reporters. The official was referring to a period in the 1980s when millions of dollars of covert US aid was channelled -- through the Pakistani secret service -- to Islamist groups battling the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. Much of the cash went to hardline Mujahideen groups, which included a network of Arab volunteers -- the most prominent of whom was Osama bin Laden.

Hemp car revolution
Hemp and other plant based fuels are not a new idea. Prior to prohibition in 1937, hemp had been humankinds' fuel and fiber mainstay. "Hemp fuels have been used for over 10,000 years," says Ogilvie. "Evidence suggests that hemp prohibition was foisted on us by an industrial cabal who were intent on dominating the emerging fuel and fiber markets. There is no reasonable argument for the prohibition of hemp." The use of biological engine fuels is gaining momentum in this country. Recently Joshua and Kaia Tickell made national headlines with the "Veggie Van", a fryer-grease powered Winnebago that logged over 25,000 miles promoting the "biodiesel" concept in the U.S.

Two Labour MPs join rock star Townshend in child porn inquiry
Former ministers reported to be on list of suspects who accessed site. Sources have confirmed to the Guardian that the names and credit card details of the two MPs are on a list of subscribers to a child porn internet portal sent to Scotland Yard by the US authorities. The MPs, who are both reported to be former Labour ministers, are the latest public figures to become caught up in Operation Ore, the largest inquiry into child pornography undertaken in the UK.

Pictures of Destruction and Civilian Victims of the American Aggression in Iraq
The following photos are only of a very tiny fraction of the thousands of Iraqi Civilian Victims who have been terrorised, humiliated, injured, maimed and killed through British and American Bombing of civilian areas in various cities of Iraq. Due to insecurity, Independent Reporters could not and still can not reach many areas to photograph and report the atrocities. Even after the bombing had stopped, thousands of civilians continue to suffer and die due to their severe injuries.

Convoy of Death
Why have US television stations refused to broadcast this documentary? In Afghanistan, filmmaker Jamie Doran has uncovered evidence of a massacre: Taliban prisoners of war suffocated in containers, shot in the desert under the watch of American troops.

Jerry Mander : Resisting the Machine
In Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television, Jerry Mander tore the happy face off of TV, subjecting its premises to the most exhaustive critical analysis yet published. Then, In the Absence of the Sacred, Mander made the case that the utopian promises of technological society have proven false. Far from leading to "technotopia," Mander shows how our immersion in a way of life emphasizing technology worship, economic expansion and commodity accumulation has brought social disorder and global environmental devastation.

Will your dollars lose 40% of their value ?
According to an EIR study, American consumers, businesses and governments owe $32 trillion dollars, almost four times everything that the country produces in a year. Last year, debts increased by $4.91 for every added dollar of product. The biggest increases have come from big corporations, which, like Enron, are bankrupt hulks. The cost of servicing this debt each year is now 55% of our gross national product. The U.S. is bankrupt. !

"Detailed interviews with servivors of the Jenin Holocaust"
Based on detailed maps in which individual buildings can be identified, Human Rights Watch counted a total of 140 completely destroyed buildings in the camp-many multi-family dwellings-of which more than one hundred were located in the completely razed area of the Hawashin district. While there is no doubt that Palestinian fighters in the Hawashin district had set up obstacles and risks to IDF soldiers, the wholesale leveling of the entire district extended well beyond any conceivable purpose of gaining access to fighters, and was vastly disproportionate to the military objectives pursued.

Atrocities in American airports !
" If you, or someone from your family, have any plan to visit the US in a near future, I strongly suggest you to continue reading this text, where I describe the experiences I had in LA International Airport, late Feb 24, 2002. My name is Ricardo Abude E. Da Silva, I'm an Electronic Engineer graduated in 1982 and today am managing our family's businesses in the farming sector. My email is . Throughout my 42 years of age I've travelled several times to the US, both on business and tourism. Late Feb 23 I embarked in Rio heading to LA, in possession of my third Visa to the US, issued in November 1999, and valid until November 2009. I was aware of the increased airport security for US trips, due to Sep 11 attacks, and in Rio International Airport one can already notice the routine change, but I could have never imagined what would happen next. "

How they rule
Thre rule aims to make some of the relationships of the elite of the US ruling class visible. It allows users to browse through the interlocking directories of some of the most powerful American companies and easily run searches on them. The rule is a starting point for research about these individuals and corporations.

Missing pieces to the 911 Mystery puzzle
3. It was reported that a number of passengers were able to make cell phone calls from the planes that were supposedly hijacked. You'll see why I used the term "supposedly hijacked" in number 4. It was also reported by some sources that these reported cell calls never showed up on the cell phone company billings. Why are hijackers letting anyone on the planes make cell phone calls to people on the ground? Can you remember any other hijacked airplane incident where people were making cell phone calls? Can you easily make cell phone calls from a plane that is 35,000 feet high and hundreds of miles away from your cell phone provider?

Global warming on Mars? the hyperdimensional connection
According to Michael Malin of MSSS, Mars Surveyor images of pits and ridges in the Polar caps, studied over a full Martian year (two Earth years) suggest that as much as 10 feet per Martian annum of ice at the South pole is currently being "lost." Some of the ice in the Martian Polar caps is thought to water, but a majority -- especially in the South -- is thought to be carbon dioxide. In either case, this sudden and dramatic warming has significant implications for not only the future habitability of the Red Planet, but its current habitability as well. If it is water evaporation, then it means that not only is Mars warm enough right now to support flowing liquid water, it will only get warmer over time. The release of carbon dioxide, a well-known "greenhouse gas," will eventually contribute to a warmer Martian climate by trapping heat that would otherwise escape the planet.

A respected firefighter magazine demands full investigation of WTC collapse
A group of engineers from the American Society of Civil Engineers, with backing from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, has been studying some aspects of the collapse. But Manning and others say that probe has not looked at all aspects of the disaster and has had limited access to documents and other evidence. A growing number of fire protection engineers have theorized that "the structural damage from the planes and the explosive ignition of jet fuel in themselves were not enough to bring down the towers,"

Iraq invasion plans set for February
American preparations for a major offensive against Iraq are massive and continuous, set in place layer by layer -- but sources say a seven-nation attack on Saddam Hussein is not likely before mid- to late-February.

Enemy of freedom seeks to stop circulation of "Children of the matrix"
" I am writing in reference to David's article relating to Richard Warman of the Ontario Green Party. Quite frankly, when I first saw the article I thought it might be some sort of publicity stunt designed to drum up business (I studied history, political science, and public relations in university, which makes me always suspicious of what one writer has referred to as "pseudo events"); saying something is "banned" generates a lot of interest, but since my webpage is essentially collection of links to interesting stories and articles on the web, including conspiracy material. I included the headline of David's article and about a sentence or two in order to give my visitors an idea of what the article was about. Here is exactly what appeared on my page: "

United States still a Britisch collony
" After writing British Colony parts 1 and 2, I was amazed how some people react, when confronted with information that goes against their prior programming. It is as if to even consider the possibility that their belief system may be incorrect, was a threat to their mental well being. They were going to deny any truth that threatens their belief structure. The good news is those with such a reaction were of the minority. This is promising, because it shows Americans can still think past years of incomplete teaching, concerning our history. Those in the negative believe the information had to be bogus and they could not believe the government could wrong them. So this third part is for them, to show them that government has and does lie to them and violates their trust on major issues. As always this information and supporting documents, are given so the reader can form their own opinion. Other writers, I will mention one since he uses a pen name, the Informer, has also done extensive research on this subject and has been forced to come to the same conclusions. (Check out the latest work of the Informer, his new book called, THE NEW HISTORY OF AMERICA.) "

Gulf war syndrome
" So, I began the investigation myself to answer the question of why I was sick. I didn't even go to the Persian Gulf. They call it the Persian Gulf disease and the Persian Gulf Registry. They do that for a reason, because then they can exclude all of us who are sick who didn't go to the Persian Gulf. Well, I didn't go and I was still sick, and I wanted to know why. The only thing I had in common with those who did go is that I had received the immunizations and that I had a lot of contact with Gulf War veterans who were returning back to the states, and with other members of our unit. Little did we know at the time that the biologicals that were used were impregnated in the equipment they had, such as tents and duffle bags. It was being spread to all of us and we didn't even know it. We were being told a lie. America, I am sorry to tell you that we have been told one of the biggest lies this country has ever perpetrated upon us. They are telling us there is no Gulf War disease. They are telling us biologicals were not used. They are not even telling you that between 10,000 to 12,000 Gulf war vets have already died. "

The enemy is inside the gates
"Even if I had a gun at my head, I'd never fly a plane into a building. I'd try to put it in anywhere -- a field or a river --and I'd be searing the hell out of them (the hijackers) by flying upside down first," Hill said. In fact, the pilot has the best weapon in his hand when threatened with imminent death by a hijacker, namely, the airplane. Another airline pilot stated. "On hearing a major scuffle in the cabin, the pilot should have inverted the aircraft and the hijackers end up with broken necks." That none of the four pilots executed such a maneuver points toward the fact that none of them had control of their aircraft, but had been overridden by an outside force, which was flying them by remote control. As an old and not so bold pilot, I became more convinced that the four commercial jets were choreographed by a "conductor" from a central source, namely an airborne warning and control system (AWACS). They have the electronic capability to engage several aircraft simultaneously, knock out their on-board flight controls by EMP (electro-magnetic pulsing) and assume command and remote control of these targeted aircraft.

How the mossad got Amerika to bomb Libya and fight Iraq
A Trojan was a special communication device that could be planted by naval commandos deep inside enemy territory. The device would act as a relay station for misleading transmissions made by the disinformation unit in the Mossad, called LAP, and intended to be received by American and British listening stations. Originating from an IDF navy ship out at sea, the prerecorded digital transmissions could be picked up only by the Trojan. The device would then rebroadcast the transmission on another frequency, one used for official business in the enemy country, at which point the transmission would finally be picked up by American ears in Britain.

Did the buildings fall or where they pushed?
No concrete that I have ever known pulverizes like that. It is unnerving. My experience with concrete has shown that it will crumble under stress, but rarely does it just give up the ghost and turn to powder. But look at the pictures -- it is truly a fine dust in great billowing clouds spewing a hundred feet from the collapsing tower. And the people on the ground see little more than an opaque wall of dust -- with inches of dust filling the streets and the lungs afterward. What has happened here? I need a faith booster shot here. I would like to find a pictures of all those platters piled up on each other on the ground, just as they fell -- has anyone seen a picture like that? I am told it was cumulative weight of those platters falling on each other that caused the collapse, but I don't see the platters pilled up liked flapjacks on the ground floor. Instead, the satellite pictures show the WTC ruins like an ash pit:

War on terrorism is a fraud
The other day, the parents of Greg Rodriguez, a young man who died in the World Trade Center, said this: "We read enough of the news to sense that our government is heading in the direction of violent revenge, with the prospect of sons, daughters, parents, friends in distant lands dying, suffering, and nursing further grievances against us. "It is not the way to go...not in our son's name." .

British waking up to Afghan oil pipeline is US war on terror
Already 20 BILLION barrels of oil reserves have been found in Khazakhstan - and there could be much more. The oil and gas so far discovered in these parts is worth THREE TRILLION dollars in today's prices. That's why Western oil companies are so interested this oil to world markets. It's the culmination of the Great Game. The struggle for influence in Central Asia is the last great oil rush, as the West tries to reduce dependence on the Gulf.

The "end of day's" begun ?
"we believe that the world has crossed a Rubicon into a new and extremely dangerous phase. The portent of this new period was defined by the passing of Sirius across the Giza meridian at precisely 12:00 midnight on January 1, 2000, an event which we have shown could NOT have been “coincidental.” At that time, we asserted that this singular event, dictated by a series of deft manipulations of the western Gregorian calendar, had been planned and worked towards for perhaps more than two millennia. The authors of this extraordinary and meticulously planned celestial event were a series of groups which have come to be loosely known as “secret societies” -- semi-hidden bands of hand picked and self-appointed “leaders” who frequently attempt to manipulate secular political events."

Freedom Road
David Icke is considered by some to be “the most controversial speaker in the world”. He is a much-sought-after lecturer, and the author of several truly groundbreaking books about “the truth behind the shadows” that the movie quoted above refers to as The Matrix. His non-stop hammering of the global elite controllers, exposing their many layers of shenanigans in his uniquely humorous and articulate style has, one can only imagine, many political bosses in backrooms wondering “Just what will he come up with next?” Longtime SPECTRUM readers will recall that I conducted an in-depth interview with David for our August 1999 issue. We later shared a lively autobiographical account of David’s life in the December 2000 issue. Newer readers may wish to review those stories for background as we must move forward here with new material.

The overtrow of the American Republic: part three
Invoking War Power-like authority, the Younger Bush White House ordered the suppression of certain news under the disguise of plugging up leaks of so-called "military secrets". The details. For a number of years the State of Michigan, through Michigan State University, owned and operated the Michigan Biologic Products Institute. They had the exclusive contract with the Department of Defense to, among other things, develop and produce an anthrax vaccine. A strange and mysterious group, in 1998, bought out the state-owned Institute, calling themselves BIOPORT CORPORATION, and the Department of Defense became its only customer.

We don't want or need NATO planes patroling our skies
For the First time in American history, we are unable to defend our own borders and skies. National security is the most basic sovereign duty of the federal government in our constitutional republic. Neither Congress nor the President can cede that duty to a foreign nation or body. We cannot allow the security of our own borders to become the responsibility of any coalition or international organization, whether it's NATO or the United Nations. The national security of the US is the province of the American people – and the American people only.

What they are doing is very Dangerous
Based on that experience, and operations in eight designated conflict areas from Vietnam to Haiti, I have to say that the story we hear on the news and read in the newspapers is simply not believable. The most cursory glance at the verifiable facts, before, during, and after September 11th, does not support the official line or conform to the current actions of the United States government.

What is global Hawk
You can research Global Hawk on the search engine - or other search engines (we think google is the best search engine). Numerous articles testify to the fact that on April 24, 2001 the US flew a plane with Global Hawk technology from California to Australia. -- Global Hawk technology means NO HUMAN PILOT - the plane is run by remote control.

Death on a very small Planet
[Gen. Short was explaining the philosophy behind bombing civilian facilities including hospitals, homes and chemical factories, killing thousands of people in Yugoslavia. Short was in charge of NATO's three month air war. Many of NATO's bombs were encased in uranium.]

War is a racket
War is just a racket. A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of people. Only a small inside group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few at the expense of the masses. I believe in adequate defense at the coastline and nothing else. If a nation comes over here to fight, then we'll fight. The trouble with America is that when the dollar only earns 6 percent over here, then it gets restless and goes overseas to get 100 percent. Then the flag follows the dollar and the soldiers follow the flag. I wouldn't go to war again as I have done to protect some lousy investment of the bankers. There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights. War for any other reason is simply a racket.

Happy new year: it's 1984
Seventeen years later than expected, 1984 has arrived. In his address to Congress Thursday, George Bush effectively declared permanent war -- war without temporal or geographic limits; war without clear goals; war against a vaguely defined and constantly shifting enemy. Today it's Al-Qaida; tomorrow it may be Afghanistan; next year, it could be Iraq or Cuba or Chechnya.

Shocked and horrified
Like all Americans, on Tuesday, 9-11, I was shocked and horrified to watch the WTC Twin Towers attacked by hijacked planes and collapse, resulting in the deaths of perhaps up to 10,000 innocent people. I had not been that shocked and horrified since January 16, 1991, when then President Bush attacked Baghdad, and the rest of Iraq and began killing 200,000 people during that "war" (slaughter). This includes the infamous "highway of death" in the last days of the slaughter when U.S. pilots literally shot in the back retreating Iraqi civilians and soldiers. I continue to be horrified by the sanctions on Iraq, which have resulted in the death of over 1,000,000 Iraqis, including over 500,000 children, about whom former Secretary of State Madeline Allbright has stated, their deaths "are worth the cost".

"The enemy is very much within"
TOP_VIEW has just conducted a brief yet immeasurably important phone interview -- set up by a trusted and totally reliable intermediary already known to us -- with an Air Force Reserve intelligence specialist. The interview was carried out this evening, over two days after the incredible death and devastation that took place in New York City and Washington D.C.

Dear friends Now, I was in Genoa, I've seen it. Don't believe the news you've seen in the press and on TV It was something insane, a massacre. It is still difficult to tell you what happened between friday and saturday. To do so, I'll use what I've seen together with my dear friends who were present in Genoa with me.

Grateful Slave
I am a grateful slave. My master is a good man. He gives me food, shelter, work and other things. All he requires in return is that I obey him. I am told he has the power to control my life. I look up to him, and wish that I were so powerful.

The Disclosure Project
The Disclosure Project is a nonprofit research project working to fully disclose the facts about UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and classified advanced energy and propulsion systems. The disclosure of the truth will have far-reaching implications for our society -- new technologies to end pollution and global warming, long-term solution to the energy crisis, and the beginning of an era of peaceful relations with other civilizations in space.

Welcome to Digital Angel
The idea behind the initial version of Digital Angel™ is to build a microchip that can be worn close to the body. Subject to FDA approval, future versions of the device may be able to be implanted within the body. This microchip will include biosensors that will measure the biological parameters of the body and store this information. It will also have an antenna that will receive signals from GPS satellites. The geographical locator of the chip can be derived from these signals. The antenna also communicates with ground stations. It will receive commands from the stations and will send the biological information and location data to the ground station.

An ancient and occult genetic Code
In the March 1995 issue of "Scientific American", in the article titled "Talking Trash", scientists claim to have found "word" patterns in the "junk" DNA of man. It seems that this junk DNA (segments of the DNA genome which do not encode instructions for the production of proteins) exhibits the same statistical patterns that are found in written languages.

Caught on camera: Digital face recognition
Every day, every minute, video cameras scan the crowds in a busy shopping center. But this is no ordinary public surveillance system. The faces of all those passersby are being converted into digital code and processed by computer. Continuously, instantaneously, the facial code of each stranger is compared with that of several dozen local criminals. If there is a match, an alarm sounds in a control room, a human operator double-checks the computer's assessment and alerts the police. Someone they want to keep tabs on, or someone they want to arrest, is in town … This is not a scene from some Orwellian future. The system has been running for a year on the streets of Newham in East London--the first trial of its kind in the world.

Project Habitat
This whole chemtrail issue is related to the plan for decreasing the world population to around 450-500 million -- and starting with the US first. Why? The people of the US are the only ones with even the remotest chance of stopping this. That is, if they knew about it. That's why the US has to be the first to go. You have to understand that the world's elite covet the US for its geographic diversity - and they would love to return this country to its condition as it existed prior to Columbus setting foot here, but without the Native Americans this time of course.

Credo Mutawa in plea to save Afrika from Illuminati Genocide
It was as though Credo was speaking before the full assembly at the United Nations, delivering, in very measured wording, the most serious and important appeal imaginable. His plea is on behalf of humanity that the genocide (initiated covertly some years ago as part of the depopulation agenda of the dark, so-called "elite" global controllers) MUST CEASE in the land of Africa-which is rapidly becoming a graveyard populated by the walking dead.

Strange happenings in the sky above us, it is very difficould to make up what to think of this mindbender.

Half fish, half robot
THE advent of "cyborgs" has been brought a step closer by the creation of a strange hybrid creature with a mechanical body controlled by the brain of a fish. As ghoulish as this chimera sounds, it may one day allow people to be fitted with prosthetic devices that are controlled directly by their brain.

Evolutionary Process from Laser to Maser Weapons
A series of satellites with deformable mirror technology to guide the beam such that it can be positioned in any given region. Again deformable and other types of technology (like the past Project Lodi- deformable mirror technolgy) can be used to guide the microwave beam. The added features are (1) the maser weapon system can be used to down planes, and (2) be used to bombard humans with selective low doses of cohenrent microwaves on the brain...

NY Court Orders Use Of Ritalin On Child
Some public schools are accusing parents of child abuse when they balk at giving their kids drugs such as Ritalin, and as judges begin to agree, some parents are medicating their children for fear of having them hauled away.

Stumbled across ol' PHI when I was trying to carve out the design in a canvas many years ago. Scrounged up a book called Dynamic Symmetry by Hambidge and then obsessed a course from there. One night in the early-Eighties a bucko and I figured out that the numeric progression in the Fibonacci series contained a sine wave.

"Beware the leader who bangs the drums of war in order to whip the citizenry into a patriotic fervor, for patriotism is indeed a double-edged sword. It both emboldens the blood, just as it narrows the mind. And when the drums of war have reached a fever pitch and the blood boils with hate and the mind has closed, the leader will have no need in seizing the rights of the citizenry. Rather, the citizenry, infused with fear and blinded by patriotism, will offer up all of their rights unto the leader and gladly so. How do I know? For this is what I have done. And I am Caesar."
-- Julius Caesar

This site is to share the information that i've been finding on the internet and to make my own contibution to the information flow outside the commercial media. Personaly i think that the internet could and should be used for the quick interaction of ideas, communication and information, free to be used for every body. On this website you will find a wide range of links going to various subjects, some of these will been seen by some people as conspirasies, but others see them as old or new theories. Here i just mostly place links to them, so have a look and decide for yourself. I don't allways agree with all information shown on this website but i post it when there is even a little information in there that is relevant to my own search for a truth.


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