Weyrling Training Guide and Schedule

Written by Laurie and Erin

Weyrling training is a very special time in a dragonrider’s life, mostly because of the regimented scheduales and great changes that both their physical bodies and personalities have to deal with. It’s a hard time, and that’s not to say there’s no fun about it, but most Weyrlings go through stress, tears and a lot of emotional and physical pain before they emerge on the other side of Training, a mature rider.

There are some general rules that all Weyrlings must follow throughout the duration of their training. If you’d like your character to break any of these rules, please email the Weyrlingmasters first. We’ll decide together if it’s possible (a weyrling practicing *betweening* by himself would most likely die, for example) and what the punishment would be. Weyrlings breaking rules is realistic and makes for great storylines, so we’re really not against it. If your weyrling breaks a major rule without you letting us know out of character, however, we will not be happy.

1.) No sex. Mirror Lake has an eight month weyrling training program, and throughout this, your weyrling may not engage in sexual intercourse with anyone. Having a dragonet in your mind is like having a two year old perpetually in the room – you wouldn’t have sex in front of a two year old and you wouldn’t as a Weyrling. It’d be too confusing and upsetting for your dragonet. The metaphor can extend: of course, a dragon can’t stop you from having feelings for or being attracted to someone, and things you would do with a two year old watching (hugging, holding hands, kissing, maybe some minor making out) are permitted if your Weyrling has the time/energy for them.

2.) Obedience. Weyrling training is structured. Your character should not try anything new without Weyrlingmaster supervision and express permission. No sneaking out of the barracks at night to try and practice flying or *betweening*. These rules can be broken by your character, but your Weyrling will face tremendous in character punishment from the Weyrlingmasters. Obedience also extends to smaller things, like being on time and present for all chores and classes. Smaller rules like these will get smaller consequences: mucking the barracks would be a more likely punishment than grounding.

Schedule of Training:

Basic Daily Routine: (time in Terran so people get it)
Wakeup, Morning Run: 5:30 am
Dragonet Feeding / Oiling: 6:00 am
Breakfast: 7:00 am
Morning Lessons: 8:00-10:00 am
Morning Chores: 10:00-12:00
Midday meal: 12:00pm
Dragonet Feeding / Oiling: 1:00pm-2:00pm
Afternoon Lessons: 2:00pm-4:00pm
Afternoon chores: 4:00pm-5:00pm
Physical Training: 5:00-6:00 pm
Evening Meal: 6:00pm
Study Time (weyrlings either attend remedial/practice study sessions, work in a craft, or attend physical training sessions): 7:00-9:00 pm
Curfew (weyrlings use the ensuing hour to bathe and tidy their barracks): 9:00pm.
Lights Out: 10:00 pm

Weyrlings get one rest day per sevenday. Meals and curfew times still remain in place for this day, and weyrlings are expected to practice skills they haven’t mastered for at least a couple of candlemarks.

Chores rotate each sevenday, but a typical chorelist for a class of twenty weyrlings would look like this:
Kitchen Assistants: 2
Mending Assistants: 4
Dragonhealers’ Assistants: 2 (up to 4 on Threadfall days)
Healer’s Assistants: 2 (up to 4 on Threadfall days)
Lower Cavern’s Assistants (general cleaning): 4
Latrine Cleaning: 2 (usually a punishment)
Creche Assistants: 2
Firestone Sorting: 4

Month 1:
Overall goals: Weyrlings will strengthen their bond with their dragonet, while learning basic dragonet care and health issues. They will learn the structure and workings of the Weyr, as well as the general conduct rules of Weyrlings, butchering for their dragonets, first aid, and start readings on Pernese history and geography and start on that oh-so-fun task of firestone sorting.

Sevenday 1: Lessons will focus on Dragonet/Rider bonding, butchering for your dragonet, oiling and cleaning your dragonet and basic dragonet first Aid. Weyrlings will undergo a skills assessment to see if they can assist crafters in the Weyr.

Sevenday 2: Dragonet/Rider bonding will continue to be stressed, along with Weyr structures, rules, and history. At the end of the sevenday, weyrlings will also begin learning about grades of firestone.

Sevenday 3: Firestone! The Weyrlings are lectured on firestone size, grades, and go through practical lessons trying to separate the grades, until they can do it in their sleep. Most of the ‘study time’ this sevenday is spent practicing firestone grading in small groups.

Sevenday 4: The weyrlings practice very basic firestone tossing, while their dragonets exercise. They typically only fill their bags a third of the way. Afternoon lectures deal with Mirror Lake’s history.

Month 2:
Overall goals: Weyrlings will practice ground drills, and firestone tossing, as well as continuing their readings on Pernese history and geography and learn more advanced bonding and visualization with their dragonet.

Sevenday 5: Firestone tossing and basic ground drills are the morning lessons again this sevenday, with the afternoon being devoted to history and geography lectures on other areas of Pern: Fort and Telgar this sevenday. Weyrlings also begin work on their riding straps.

Sevenday 6: Morning ground drills grow more advanced, firestone sacks are moved to half full. Afternoon lectures deal with the history and geography of High Reaches, Igen and Ista.
Sevenday 7: Mornings are still devoted to more advanced ground drills, also with some review of firestone selection – pop quizzes, if you will. Afternoon lectures deal with the history and geography of Benden territory.

Sevenday 8: Firestone sacks are moved to 3/4 full, and ground drills grow more intricate. Afternoon lectures and lessons focus on strengthening the mental bond between dragonet and rider and more advanced dragon health care. Work on riding straps continues

Month 3:
Overall goals: Weyrlings will learn about the mechanics of flight and the maintenance of leathers, as well as taking their own first flights, and still learning about Pernese history and geography.

Sevenday 9: In preparation for their first flight, dragonets spend the mornings doing exercises, while Weyrling line drills continue. Afternoon lectures focus on histories of various Holds.

Sevenday 10: Line drills and dragonet exercises continue in the mornings. The afternoons are focused on a close inspection of all weyrlings riding straps, and improvement of them in strength, as well as lectures on mechanics of flying.

Sevenday 11: Finally! Weyrlings spend the whole sevenday’s morning lessons making their first flights – a simple glide off a low hill. Weyrlings repeat this as many times as the Weyrlingmaster sees necessary. Afternoons are focused on riding leather maintenance.

Sevenday 12: Short flights continue in the mornings – between their turns, Weyrlings practice their drills, moving up to full sacks of firestone. Afternoon lectures are focused on flight mechanics and techniques.

Month 4:
Overall goals: Weyrlings move into private weyrs, drills grow more advanced, and weyrlings learn to take care of their Threadfighting gear.

Sevenday 13: Morning activities focus on more advanced drills and flying. Afternoon lectures introduce weyrlings to the proper clothes and maintenance for Threadfall: goggles, leathers, etc.

Sevenday 14: Weyrlings move into private weyrs. Morning lessons focus on advanced drills and flying, afternoon lectures deal with meteorology, weather patterns and how those effect flight.

Sevenday 15: Advanced drills and flying lessons continue, as do lectures on weather patterns, now discussing how these can effect Threadfall as well as regular flight. Reviews of dragonet health, now that dragons are growing.

Sevenday 16: Mornings are still devoted to drilling, with a return to firestone toss as well. Lectures discuss safe flying heights, and wind currents.

Month 5:
Overall goals: Weyrlings begin to take solo flights, unaccompanied, which will be the main focus of this month’s work. They will also learn Threadfall signs, and start conveyance duties.

Sevenday 17: Solo flight practice takes up both mornings and afternoons this sevenday – it’s a very exciting one for the Weyrlings.

Sevenday 18: Mornings are still occupied by solo flights, afternoons include a brief lecture on conveyance duties, and lessons in Weyr signs for Threadfall.

Sevenday 19: Mornings are taken up by conveyance duties around the Weyr, afternoons are devoted to practice of Weyr sign language and drills.

Sevenday 20: A few mornings are taken off conveyance to review ground drills, afternoons are spent drilling and practicing Weyr sign language.

Month 6:
Overall goals: Weyrlings begin to take their drills to the air. Conveyance duty now only takes place during chore time. Weyrlings begin to learn about *between* and practice close visualization and memory skills.

Sevenday 21: Mornings are spent on lectures and very, very basic practice of aerial drills. Afternoon lectures discuss aerial drill techniques

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