And then they were 11...11 teams, that is. Oswald & Danny went far...they came in at fourth place. The final 3 teams were Wil & Tara/Separated Couple, Blake & Paige/Brother and Sister, and Chris & Alex/Best Friends. In the end, Chris & Alex became the million winners of AR2. Check this page for recaps, memorable moments and my picks for the BEST comment of the episode. Enjoy!

Recaps from past episodes:

***Please note that since this website is fairly new and I do not have past episodes on tape, I am starting recaps with a later episode for now. Sorry! Later on, after this website is up and running and if time permits, I will try to get some recap info from and other websites that have been recapping from the beginning. Thanks for understanding! :)***

Episode 8 (2 Hour Episiode) - Aired 4/24/02 - Part 1 - Hong Kong to Sydney - Non Elimination Leg!

Episode 8 (2 Hour Episode)- Aired 4/24/02 - Part 2 - Sydney to Coober Pedy/Australian Outback - Gary & Dave are eliminated!

Episode 9 - Aired 5/01/02 - Coober Pedy to Queensland, New Zealand - Non-elimination leg!

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