Welcome to the homepage of Rishona Campbell (or 'Shona' as I'm known to some people).  I'm a 22 year-old woman living in the Monongahela Valley area south of Pittsburgh.  Currently I'm in school studying to be an aviation electronics {avionics} technician.

Just in case the page's title didn't spell it out for you in clear terms, I'm a rudegirl;  but probably in more in spirit & attitude than in appearance and socially.  Don't know what a rudegirl is or have any idea about what I'm talking about?  Click on Maggie (the girl up there) to find out more. Click on any of the buttons above to discover more about me.

Thanks for stopping by now and also to everyone who stopped by the old page.  I hope you enjoy the rest and be sure to sign the guestbook before you skip out to go to the next site on the net.  Cheers!


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