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Missouri State Ambassador
My name is Irene Hargett and I am with Women on Wheels.  I am the Missouri State Ambassador, so that means I'm here to help you in any way I can.  I will truly do my best.  I am with the Lady Cruisers of the Ozarks Chapter in Springfield, Missouri. 

I have been a member of Women on Wheels for 9 years and think it's a great organization to belong to.  The ladies I've met from around the country are wonderul, and the chance to get together at several different activities in different areas can't be beat.  Our bi-monthly magazine is full of interesting stories and information, and the mileage contest is an encouragement to get out and ride. 

Another thing I like about Women on Wheels is that there are no requirements except that you be a lady who loves motorcycles.  You don't have to be the rider, you are welcome as a passenger too.  Your spouse can join as a Support Member and your children can belong too.  You can ride any brand or style of motocycle, trike, or scooter that you like.  As for me, I ride a 1999 Honda Goldwing Trike.  I've been riding for about 7 years.  Before that I rode behind my husband, Jerry, since the early 70's.  So I've been around motocycles for quite some time.  There is a new adventure waiting out there all the time!

We have 2 grandchildren that love to ride with us, so you may see them at a Rally or meeting sometime.  They too are members, at their request for a Christmas present!  Our daughter and her husband ride also.  Ride Safe!!

Irene Hargett
State Ambassador, 2008 - 2009
Women On Wheels #10835