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Hi Everyone,  This year's State Rally at Branson, MO was a huge success!  I would like to think that everyone that attended had a good time.  There were some good scenic rides around the area.  (If you have any pictures that you might want to share, send them in!) Some of those rides included Table Rock Lake Circle, Scenic Route to Eureka Springs, Peel Ferry, Pig Tail/Arkansas Scenic Byway and Chadwick-Mark Twain National Forest.  It was a great day for riding - NO RAIN!!  I would like to thank everyone that attended, as without you, it would not have been a Rally.     Missouri State Rally Financial Report 2008

Some information I need from chapters at this time are:

1.  A list of businesses, etc., that donated items for door prizes.  I need names and addresses so I can send out Thank You cards to them.

2.  I need each chapter to send me a list of their officers and volunteers, and a list of their events and rides for the rest of the year to put on the calendar/events page on the website.

3.  If you have an article/picture or just a letter you would like to have on this website please let us know.  It is for all of us, let each chapter know what you are doing.  WE might want to know how much fun you're having...

I know this year will probably be slow on the riding, as with the price of gasoline.  I know it has affected my riding this year!!  How many of you attended Boyne, MI this year?  We had a great turn out and everyone seemed to have had a great time! 

Board Meetings for 2008:
Jan. 17-19 Dallas, Texas
April 3-5 Lincoln, Nebraska
July 8-10 Boyne Mountain,Michigan
Oct 9-11 Lincoln, Nebraska

The 10th Annual State Rally will be held June 5 - 7, 2009.  The location will be announced at a later date.   Plan on attending.  Let's make the 10th better and bigger than ever!!
2008 Contest:  "Missouri ABC Town's Tour Form - 2008 Official Rule"

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