Self-Discovery Journey
At Christmastime you begin to wonder where your life is going from there. You take stock of what they have in their life. Especially, when it's getting closer to New Year's and everyone makes resolutions. Ok, so now it's past the holidays and you are still wondering where you are in life. Some stick to their resolutions, while others break the resolutions sooner, rather than later. The key is to devise simple realistic goals to help with keeping to your resolutions.
My Self-discovery journey is that I must take stock of what I do have and what I need to improve on. Yes, I do have to lose 10 lbs, and  yes I do have to work on my self-esteem, and most importantly, yes I do need to get rid of uncontrolled clutter. I have a lot of VHS tapes that I have taped off the television, and it's not really healthy, not to mention time consuming, its time to put the ones on DVD and get rid of them. I have tons of notebooks that I need to use or give them away. This is what I like to call self-detoxing the body and soul. In with the positive, and out with the negative aspects of your life. Just remember the self-discovery of your life can result in making positive changes.
So my final thought, would be live each moment like it was your last. Be happy with you what you do have then what you don't have. You never know when it's going to be your last day. As you take this self-discovery journey think of the one thing that inspires you to keep going on. Remember, life does get better in time you will just know.
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