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Hello!  I am not a Sheltie breeder, just a lover of the breed.  I decided to take a "kennel name" to honor my first two Shelties, Misha and Tori, therefore: MisTori Shelties.  Both Misha and Tori have passed on to the Rainbow Bridge.  I treasure our time together and am eternally grateful for all they taught me and all that we shared.  Misha was my best friend and helper; Tori my Sunshine! I am now fortunate to have two more Shelties, a 6 year old male, Pierce, and a 5 year old female, Cinderella.

All four of my Shelties are/were Therapy Dogs.  Misha visited a nursing home for 7 years! Misha also received his AKC Companion Dog Excellent obedience title with multiple placements and very nice scores.  Tori was matching very well in Novice obedience when she became ill and had to retire before she ever got to show.  It would have been nice to show her in obedience, I know she would have done very well.  However, the time and fun we had training strengthened our relationship and brought us much closer.  This is more precious to me than any ribbons or trophies she might have won.

Pierce and Cinderella are training in obedience and agility. They both love agility and have so far earned 22 agility titles between them with multiple placements.  We recently started competing in Novice obedience.  Cinder earned her ASCA (Australian Shepherd Club of America) and AKC Companion Dog titles and Pierce earned his first ASCA leg. They have also both earned their TDIAOV (Therapy Dog's Int'l. Active Outstanding Volunteer) titles from Therapy Dogs International, Inc. for accumulating at least 150 documented visits.  We visit 2 facilities on a regular basis.

In October of 2002, we competed in our first APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) Rally Obedience trials. Pierce and Cinder both earned their level 1 titles Magna Cum Laude (for average score of 190 of possible 200 or better) in 3 straight shows.  Since then, Cinder has completed her level 2 title, also Magna Cum Laude, and has earned 17 points towards her championship including her first double Q..  This a really exciting new sport and the dogs enjoy it immensely.

Misha and Tori received Versatility titles from an organization called Clever Canine Companions Versatile Working Registry.  The purpose of Clever Canine Companions is to demonstrate the versatile working ability of all dogs and to promote responsible dog ownership.  Pierce and Cinderella have also earned their VCCX (Versatile Canine Companion Excellent) titles.

Cinder's latest adventure has been sheep herding.  She earned her first leg towards her AKC HT herding title in November, 2004 and we're hoping to enter some more trials this spring.

All my Shelties have participated in educational programs for the community, schools, scouts and a summer camp for children, as well as being treasured friends and family members.

Updated 4/1/05


My Tribute to Therapy Dogs & Handlers who volunteered their time to participate it the WTC Support efforts

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