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You're in our prayers! My 9/11 Memorial/Support Our Troops page
(w/a link on how to sign the Pledge of Allegiance) You don't have to support the war, to support our Troops

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Learn to sign songs online Songs in ASL--Learn how to sign songs Online Learn to sign songs online

Nick Jr.Blue's Clues "Signs" gameNick Jr.
Click on "GAMES" at the top, then click on "ALL GAMES" at the bottom,
then under the category "BLUE' CLUES" use the down-arrow to scroll to
"Signs," then click on the word "Signs" & the ASL game will pop up.
(You may need to install "Macromedia" first.)

So far, these are my favorite pages:
Colorful crossDeaf Missions Online ASL Dictionary of Religious Signs--Animated!Colorful cross
Colorful crossDeaf Related Graphics from Calvary Lutheran Church for the DeafColorful cross

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