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Brad Crawford
a.k.a. The Oracle
Apperance: Wears oval glasses, a suit, looks like an MBA with a 'tude. =)

Name: Brad Crawford
Nickname: Crawford
Hair: Brown
Eyes:  Brown
Nationality: American
Organization: Shwartz (meaning "Black")
Age: 24
Special Abilities: Has swift premonitions of what happens in the near future
Weapons: Fists, and  a Gun
Likes: Manipulating other people
Dislikes: Schereint, Weak things
Voice Actor:
Okiayu Ryoutarou

Is mostly seen: Scolding Nagi, Doing the talking and the smirky evil stuff
Personal Comments: Brad Crawford is my favorite Schwartz, and it's a funny coincidence that he's the one who's usually fighting/enraging my favorite Weiß, Ran.


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