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a.k.a. Schulderich / Shuldig / Schuderich / Schuldehei
Apperance: Has orange hair and a smirky look.

Name: Schuldich
Nickname: Schuld
Hair: Orange
Eyes: A glowy kind of golden brown
Nationality: German
Organization: Shwartz (meaning "Black")
Age: 22
Special Abilities: Telepathy, and he can hear and read people's thoughts
Weapons: Although he acts like greased lightning, Schuld carries an automatic handgun
Dislikes: Schereint
Voice Actor: Midorikawa Hikaru

Is mostly seen: Tagging along with Brad and the others, doing the hi-axn stuff
Personal Comments: He's cool. no, really. next to Brad, I'd have Schuld. neeh, excuse the spelling. nobody really knows how the ***t  to correctly spell his name, so bear with me the nickname. I'd like to borrow his power to cheat on exams ^^ ok, ok, so I just want to escape brainfreeze...><


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