Atomic Horror Under Review - Michael Daumen has reviewed the new edition of GURPS Atomic Horror for RPG.Net. Check it out here!

Chronicles of Babel
- A system that uses the drawing of stones as a task resolution system. Intended to add flavour to the setting: roleplaying in the First City amid a mythical and magical world reeling from its own Creation by the Babylonian gods. Roleplaying at the very start of history.

- My own rules for fast character creation in Chaosium's roleplaying game, Call of Cthulhu.

Elizabethan Call of Cthulhu - Rule modifications and suggestions for running the horror game Call of Cthulhu in the Elizabethan period. A copy of Runequest (3rd edition) will also be needed.

GURPS Imperial Rome -  I didn't write it, but I reviewed it for RPG.NET. Read the review here.

Classic Traveller Review - NEW! Read my review of the first 8 Traveller books (recently reprinted by Far Future Enterprises) here, written for RPG.NET.

Classic Traveller Rules - NEW! This is the Formalised Book One Task Resolution system, basically just a new look at Book One's original task resolution concept to see if there is any order in that chaos ... and there is!

Roman Heroes - Background and rules changes for playing Advanced Fighting Fantasy in the Roman Era. Dumped onto the Advanced Fighting Fantasy web-site by its webmaster. Not pretty, but all my rules are there.

Tempus Fugit - I wrote a monthly column for RPG.NET on the subject of historical roleplaying. Read the installments so far... with comments from readers and critics.

What Is Roleplaying?
- My own take on this lesser known hobby

Zenobia Under Review - Zenobia has been reviewed by Jonathon Nichol for RPG.NET. Check it out here ...

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Mithras is Paul Elliott, and his game designs come under the single   heading of ZOZER Game Designs. His original games on this          web-site are copyright Paul Elliott 2002.
My roleplaying game of exploration, discovery and personal conflict on the Red Planet. Based around The Ladder gaming system, MARS focusses on the conflicting and competing goals of the player character explorers, stranded on a harsh planet 249 million km from home.
My generic rules-lite roleplaying game that utilises neat little character descriptions and a five-rung ladder of task results as the core mechanic. Comes as a 180 KB PDF. Try it!
Roleplaying Japanese cyberpunk. Zaibatsu is the game of cut-throat corporate conflict on the streets of Tokyo 2030. Sayonara buddy! Inspired by Gibson's Neuromancer. Zaibatsu isn't watered down cyberpunk, near future elements from the best sources are here: replicants, lasers and cyborgs. All set in Gibson's futureworld: Tokyo gone global. Tokyo. The world's capital, largest, most high-tech, most happening city on Earth.
GURPS Atomic Horror
My first foray into roleplaying games, all you need to run SF B-Movies of all types, from dark horror to corny humour! Stuff on alien invasions, 1950s alien races, a secret history of the world, setting info and lots and lots of adventure seeds. Includes Nazis! Gotta be a winner ... Now in its new updated second edition. My stepping stone to writing non-fiction history books (see my
biography page)
An epic fantasy RPG set amidst the chaos and anarchy of the late Roman Empire. It uses a simple 2d6 mechanic, and is overflowing with detail and ideas for campaigns and scenarios. My favourite and most played game!
D20 Dungeons & Dragons with a Classical Greece setting. Conversion notes, a solid campaign idea, information on schools of magic, the gods of Olympus and converting weapons/ equipment lists.
Select a Tribal Totem, Explore an Ice Age Wilderness, Master Tribal Magics, Wander Two Worlds - the Spirit and the Earthly - Simultaneously, Fight Exiles, Ogres and Elementals, Quest For Artefacts of Power For Your Tribe. Ice Age roleplaying. A fantasy game that puts players into the roles of Ice Age hunters in Europe. Survive. Compete with other tribes and clans. Battle spirits and elementals. Chill out! Check the PDF
Against the Reich! presents a world of two-fisted action and adventure in the pulp 1930's! Travel the globe and join the fight against Hitler and his evil henchmen. Against the Reich! is a $5 PDF download and require's Jared Sorensen's
octaNe game to play.
A complete Classical Greek supplement for any of Chaosium's Basic Roleplaying Games (Cthulhu, Elfquest, Elric, Stormbringer etc). Alexander is dead, and his generals fight over the empire. A world of hoplites, mercenaries, philosophers and soothsayers. Available as a free 859 KB PDF download.

Max Cairnduff hosts several  games for me.at the URL  
above. And I am incredibly    grateful!

A very light fantasy game written on cards and equipped with a nice set of props. This was created for my two sons (age 7 and 10). Download a Word doc (click title) or a