The CWN runs a low budget logging and mining operation, utilizing considerable used and hand me down equipment from its parent line The LF&W Railroad Company.

NameLinks to DescriptionsRoster Photos
Forney - LGBFirst LocoPicture of Forney
Porter - LGBSecond LocoPicture of Porter
Tank Car 1First Peice of Rolling StockImage of Tank Car
Flat CarFlat CarImage of Flat Car
Combine - BachmannPurchased from W.P. & Y.CWN logo
Hand Car - Ozark and StomperKit BashImage of Handcar
Vice Presidents TrainBachmann SetVice President
Wooden Gondola - LionelPurchased from Ely Thomas Lumber Co.CWN logo
Wooden Flatcar #8 - BachmannPurchased from B&O Co.Modified Bach Flat
Flatcar #24- BachmannConstructed by CWNModified Bach Flat

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Last Modified Nov 8, 2002